Dead man walking

I have been buying almost one bike a month.If this next deal goes forward I will have one more this week.I promised my wife last month that bike was the last.Can the experts out there please tell me how to hide these bikes from my Wife? This may be my last post.
Thank You
aka Jay


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the line "This one is for you!" worked once. I knew she didn't want it, but she thought the idea was sweet and I was able to keep it anyway :laugh:
Well you could always say it's not yours, it's Bob's from down the streets bike, and you are fixing it for him.
Or since you have enough of them, you shuffle them around and she won't notice a new one in the mix.
This is why my garage has heat and A/C, cable/stereo/wifi, and a refrigerator in it. The work bench while not real comfortable, does allow some place to sleep.
I'm going through something similar. I went from having none on April 1st to four on April 30th... Not sure what to do with them at this point, as my garage is getting quite full!
I wore my wife down. I started taking her with me when I go to Washington for a bike. She now looks forward to a trip to grab one. We’re spending time together. There’s 30 now, she doesn’t ask anymore. [emoji106]

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When my neighbor was farming and going to auctions, he would be afraid to bring things home. On several occasions he would bring it to our place and leave it there for a while. Eventually he would bring his purchases home and have to confess to the wife. Hope you have some close neighbors or friends that could help you out. Time heals most things!
I could hide them in the mix with the others.The thing that I can’t seem to hide is when they are delivered.My wife can always tell when a delivery arrives better than anyone and always wants to see what is in the box.Hard to say a box big enough to hold a mini bike is just some socks.


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I wish I had this problem. My wife is somewhat of a hoarder who seems to love to fill empty spaces with things that are never used. I probably wouldn't have 2 mini bikes without her encouragement.
You can easily stall her for a little bit by putting in for the OldMiniBikes Rehab. But the:
" name is Jjtwospeed.......Hi Jjtwospeed "!!! won't last long, and you'll be back
on the road searching down the next, "This will be the last one", in a matter of days,
if not hours. There is no hope for us that wandered down this road of continual torment.
I've been hooked since 1969, and would tell you of my woes, but gotta go, somebody just
posted a lil indian chopper front end on the local craigslist!
You could do what a guy from work did. When he buys something for himself, he takes his wife somewhere and he buys her something she wants.
Win Win as long as you afford to do it...