Doodlebug Torque Converter Build

I finally got a chance to build the torque converter doodlebug and I figured I would take pictures along the well to help others who would consider doing this to their own bike. I searched the forum a few times and found bits of information regarding this subject but no one had actually done a step by step thread so here is my best shot! Started out with a $50 doodlebug from craigslist.
276.JPG 277.JPG
Bought a 212cc Hemi Predator 60363 from harbor freight for $99 dollars and bolted on a $75 knock off TAV from autoexpress on ebay Go Kart Torque Converter Kit CVT Clutch 1" Comet TAV2 30 75 6" Driven 10T 40 41 | eBay.
278.JPG 279.JPG 280.JPG
As you can see this converter does not have the extra support for the driven shaft so trimming of the oil dipstick was not necessary. Upon installation I noticed the driver assembly was mounted slightly inward so I used a 3/4" washer to shim it to allow the flat sheaves of both units to be aligned.
281.JPG 282.JPG
The next order of business was to remove the 97cc engine and additional mounting plate. Crazy to see the size difference.
286.JPG 288.JPG 289.JPG


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I would love to add more but I capped out on images so I'm stuck. Would like to start a new thread with smaller images but haven't heard back from admins.
Hi: I too am working on the same build. I also have a HF Predator 212 California, and the cheap knock off TAV. I too have that miss alinement on the pullies.
Because I and unfamiliar with the TAV I don't know if thrusting the pully with shims is the right thing to do--- or is the off set on the pullies normal--if I thrust the pully outward it will leave little of the motors drive shaft left to support the rest of the assembly-anyone know for sure about this one?
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Although it does not leave much room left on the crank the entire assembly and keyway still have sufficient grab. I have been riding it for a month with no issues what so ever. Hard starts, wheelies, hills. I weigh 260 so I think you will be fine.