electrathon's - Bike No.1 - (18 and Under Class)

I know I am late into this. I have a group of shop kids at Centenial high in Portland Oregon. We we making frame up mini bike builds. I am leading the group with a design and prototype. We started at the beginning of the year, previous to that there were meetings and some layout work. We went into the project full speed after Christmas break, sorry I do not have a lot of early pictures of this. There will be as many as 9 bikes, more likely 5 or 6 though, some kids are less motivated when they have to work. Some of the kids are doing awesome though, I am very proud of them.

Our target is to build these bikes for $200 each, I think we are on target. The parts will be coming from online, Harbor Freight and scrounging. I encourage scrounging. The attached pic is of the prototype. It has been designed and built by me and with student help. I will open separate threads on each bike, bit I am really struggling with the way this forum attaches pics so that may slow me down. Questions are encouraged. Personally I have experience with a lot of the old engines, I had a small engine shop as a youth. Also have a lot of maintenance and fab experience. image.jpeg
Welcome!. I am looking forward to your students builds. I have four groups of students restoring vintage bikes. It will be nice to see more young people in the contest.


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Man, this is fantastic.
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Another bunch of projects from school classes are in this buildoff as well.
Good luck.
Got one of the kids to draw up the support bracket for the brake band support. This part was one of the last parts needed to get the prototype bike together. I'll get the plate burned and assembled to make sure it works, then a mass produced batch for the kids bikes.