Excited about new paint!!

Hey guys,
I'm restoring my ARCO Easy Rider. I tried to get the paint to match the best I could to original, and ended up with Rust-Oleum Regal Red with a Apple metal flake finish. Currently my freshly painted bike parts are drying in the spare bedroom until they are dry enough to work with and until I get the rest of my parts for the bike. I have the wheels, fork springs, and handle bars out getting chromed/nickel plated.
I still need to clean my 4 hp Tecumseh, and do the regular maintenance, spark plug, oil, air filter, clutch, and chain.
Any advice for someone who is attempting to restore a minibike older than them...



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Great job! After that paint dries a quality clear coat can do wonders to the life of paint! Keep up the awesome work and keep us posted on your build!
I cant take all the credit for the painting. One of my buddies has an air spray paint gun and he did it, but I would go over to help. We just finished putting the metal flakes on it this week followed by like 3-4 coats of clear coat. We used clear coat from the auto parts store, hoping it would help preserve the paint. The pictures dont really dont do the metal flakes justice unfortunately...