Got my first Heald today! Couple questions for the pros out there

Picked this up today. I am very happy! Not the original engine in it but I have the original with it I think. Can anyone help me with the following? It says "Trail Bronc" on it. What is if any difference between the Trail and the Super Bronc? What should be the original engine? Any chance in heck on finding a clutch cover? If not I will just make one. Looking forward to getting it restored and my next project after! Thanks all!


Welcome to the forum :thumbsup: I have a VT3 and am by no means an expert :doah: I would give this thread a day or two and I'm sure that Chatten63 will chime in, he knows a lot about these bike and I think he may have repopped clutch covers :thumbsup:
you have asked a number of "well...that depends..." questions. I'll try and answer some but others may correct me. It's a rumor that I may have been wrong once or twice.

1. The bike. What the bike is relates to the engine. 10hp=VT-10, 8hp=VT-8. Same identical frame but engines define the model. Just thinking, since you have the larger tire/wheel and forks, it was percentage wise probably a VT-10 so a 10hp engine would be correct. could get those forks and wheel as an option on the 8hp making it a VT-8. See? clear as mud.

2. If my knowledge is correct, most VT-8s came with no starter but had a charging coil for a battery. The VT-10s came with a charging coil also and electric start...BUT...again you could have mixed and matched an 8hp motor with electric starter if Heald had them in stock at that moment.. As always...clear as mud.

3. Rick Chatten or Ron Kimbal at Powertec are going to have to explain a little better...but...seems like I have seen Super Bronc on VT-7s and Trail bronc on VT-8s and 10s. I guess it depended if the spirit of the day was a single malt whiskey or tequila. In my mind, that about sums it up there..

Now, contact Rick Chatten on the boards here as he is reproducing the clutch covers. Just be aware they are of VERY high quality and priced accordingly. Don't forget the sticker for it.

Your bike looks pretty complete so a restoration will be easy. Between Rick and Ron at Powertec, you should find everything you may need. I would seriously recommend that you contact Powertec and buy the build sheet for it. It will be the best few dollars you spend.

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I hope this helps and I hope I got most of it right lol.

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Doc's comments are pretty close . The 12 inch front tire means it was either a VT812 or VT1012 . The decal that was on the Torque Converter cover told you the model . The tail light tells you it could have had a lighted coil motor , but there is no headlight . Look to see if there was one ever mounted on the triple tree . Your Super Bronc came with front brake and you could hook it up . The stencil on the seat question will have to be answered by one of our higher powers . Oh and ask Rick if he can make up a cover and you will have to decide what decal you want . You will love riding that bike .


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I have one sitting in the corner, it's a Super Bronc VT-8. It has electric start with key, headlight, tail light,
Says "super bronc" on the seat. It even has a windshield, speedo, horn. It is all original but needs restored. I've been putting it off since I wanna make it nice and street legal it. Hope this info helps
Thank you so much everyone! I took it for a ride today. Looking forward to restoring it the fall/winter. It appears to have had a light. Has the tail light and the engine that I got along with it has electric start. If the engine is any good, I will definitely put it back on with electric start. Will probably be in touch with some of you. Thanks again everyone. Looks like a fun "club" to be in!