Come on Strigoi - with an Avatar like that and you hav'nt been able to go cold turkey and quit completly.
There's plenty of support here, I'll back ya:thumbsup:
Gout: Usually from Hi Uric Acid levels in the blood. I got or had it, indications of bad things to come later on. Anything fermented or hi levels of fructose sugar will kick it in. Cheese's, yogurts, alcohol, grapes especially, and pineapple. Getting old is not for the young:scared: If your interested in collecting a few more calenders towards the tail end of what you got left go get a for real blood test and find out.
ps: Don't die, linger!! and of course say YES to drugs,the maintenance drug business is thriving quite well..:scared:
My foot is back to normal now.

Feeling fine.
But I think I see a connection now to whats been said.
Been drinking a lot of squencher at work ( like gater aid to deal with the heat )
Lots of sugar and acids....
A load of salami fell of a truck and I got into it ( nice to have Itallian freinds ) and we have been eating it like pigs.
Booze yes!
Cheese yes!!!

Even Pineaples last week.

Its been an orgy of stuff like that.
Probably what set it off.

Irony is we were talking about all that at work too because I am not alone in getting gout it seems.

SO, diet changes in order.
Lay off that acidic squencher and stick to the coffee lol.
Lay off the acids and tomatoes and that big bell shaped smelly cheese and those soft salamies lol.

But I feel fine now back on my regular feed.
Guess I should follow up on the doctor thing though and see what Ed says at my next tune up.