H35 hybrid build


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I talked about doing this earlier in the year. We needed an H35 block for an early style build. Had some late model blocks but nothing with the early small mag side journal. So as an experiment I reworked the block and installed a bushing on the mag side to reduce it to the proper size for an early crankshaft.

was not sure if it would work but ended up working out. I used a 1995 block so it had the small emmisions era exhaust valve which I also wanted to see if that would be an issue as well. Seems to run just fine though with good power and snap I of course performed a multi angle recut to the seats and refaced the valves as well, with some adjustments to lash , surface truing, journal and bore prep etc…

the tells that it’s a late model block blended in better than I thought they would so I was happy about that and will be doing some this way since we have a few of those blocks to work with ( and will help pay for the tools I had to buy to do the work!!!
IMG_4686.jpeg IMG_4685.jpeg IMG_4687.jpeg IMG_4688.jpeg IMG_4689.jpeg IMG_4690.jpeg IMG_4691.jpeg
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Fought with paint more than anything on this one, weather, problems with the new paint gun ( my favorite one of over 20 years died in dramatic fashion) etc… but it came out pretty decent overall. IMG_4837.jpeg IMG_4845.jpeg IMG_4846.jpeg IMG_4847.jpeg IMG_4848.jpeg