Honda 250R enduro junkyard find

While wondering around a North Carolina junkyard, I saw this beautiful Honda 250R enduro in the motorcycle section. It has no title and I believe it's being sold just for parts, but I'm sure buying it as a whole is possible. Does anyone know what year the bike is by any chance? Not sure how much these are worth, I might buy it and part it out, but I'm out of town so I'm going to have to ship it if I buy it. Let me know what you guys think of this lucky find!

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on the steering neck there should be the VIN stamped in the neck along with sometimes the paper VIN that has the month/year. You may find paper work under the seat attached to the frame.
I'm visiting in Sanford, NC which is about 40 miles south west of Raleigh. Actually I have a buddy out here in Jacksonville, NC who is moving back to Chicago (where I live) in September and he's getting a big moving truck for his stuff, so it can fit the bike in there if I have it. If anything I can keep the bike's tires, gas tank, lights, etc for another Honda enduro if I come across it, instead of restoring it.