1. P

    Carburetor for late '69 z50a

    Everyone was so helpful on my last post that I thought I'd try another... I am looking for recommendations on a replacement carburetor for my late 1969 Honda z50a mini trail. I'm hoping to find something that is a bolt on replacement for the stock carb that can be used as part of my...
  2. L.skynrd

    Minibike with front/Rear Shocks

    Hey guys, I scored this minibike with a 4 horse honda off of facebook marketplace. It doesn't have any branding on it, does anyone have any idea as to what it may be
  3. districtmotors

    Honda Wet Clutch + GX140 Engines + Parts (Will Ship)

    Hello! Again...forgive me if this is the wrong area to post. I was told last time I need 5 relevant posts to see certain categories. (My hope is you are less forgiving than my other main board...Turbobricks) Anyhow, I acquired a lot of Honda parts and ultimately decided to go another...
  4. normale spatborden.jpg

    normale spatborden.jpg

    Honda with standard fenders.
  5. chaly spatborden.jpg

    chaly spatborden.jpg

    Honda with chaly fenders. Aka German fenders.
  6. 20201110_195147.jpg


    What a bunch of wires.
  7. 20201110_193634.jpg


    Previous owner was very talented with soldering...
  8. 20201110_172312.jpg


    RFY shocks, these will replace the original shocks. I might have to open them up to see if there's enough oil and or air pressure in them. $50,- shipped.
  9. 20201110_172213.jpg


    New, small, led blinkers. Flowing light.
  10. 20201110_172124.jpg


    Fork boots.
  11. 20201110_170347.jpg


    Start button. This might be located where the key switch is originally.
  12. 20201105_132201.jpg


    Kepspeed led headlight will be replaced with this headlight of a Puch moped.
  13. 20201024_155729.jpg


    Wheel hub with new bearings and shaft installed.
  14. 20201024_154526.jpg


    Pre heating wheel hub before placing the bearings.
  15. 20201024_145650.jpg


    Making a new shaft.
  16. 20201024_140914.jpg


    Modify wheel hub to make it accept larger wheel bearings.
  17. 20201023_165622.jpg


    Wheel hubs. Replacing wheel bearings.
  18. 20201017_165009.jpg


    Seat appears to be of center. Tail light missing glass.
  19. 20201017_164804.jpg


    Lots of work get all this right.
  20. 20201017_164541.jpg


    Lots of work get all this right.