Honda gx200/clone/hemi billet side cover

what does the backside look like? Could you post a picture? Does it use a std bearing or does it have the dual bearings like the arc cover?
I just picked one these up cause I just missed yours....just got it in. This thing is a brick! A big solid brick. I wonder what the weight difference is between this and arc? I'm going to do some weight saving on old Bridgeport cause I really don't need to bolt a cinder block to the side of my engine! Quality machining tho definitely. Idk. Nobody cares. Just my two cents...


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The billet side covers are not just for looks ... The add a cam bearing and dual bearing crank support as well as stiffen the block in key locations if you use solid dowel pins and install it properly ... I have arc side covers Parsons side covers and ambush side covers I would not call any of them bricks or cynder blocks ... Weight is not an issue unless we are talking about rotating assembly
Ya I just didn't figure it being this heavy. Im sure thats why arc takes that extra time to machine thise pockets. They dont do it cause its pretty...No biggie. I work with billet aluminum all day long. Usually ppl use it for its lightweight qualities. I ended up finning it and slightly getting some weight savings without hurting sturdyness. Also matches my valve cover I finned... Looking good. Domed wiseco....custom everything... IMG_20161129_232152.jpg IMG_20170228_104218562.jpg