Hydraulic brake CT200U-EX


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Has anyone converted to a hydraulic brake to a CT200U-EX? I've seen black66's conversation but he stretched the frame, curious if anyone has done a conversion without stretching the frame?


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I don't think many have because of what's involved to make the change. Another option is that GPS sells front disc brake kits that may work. One member here used a kit that looked like the GPS kit on his very nice Coleman BT.


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I think I posted rear hydraulic upgrade and you got front kits. That should cover whatever is needed.
For the rear disc upgrade there's much more to do than just getting the kit you posted and it doesn't have everything you need. For the front brake upgrade there's no need for fabrication tools and skills and looks like an hour or less to install. The front brake option is just much easier to do on a Coleman than a rear disc brake setup.