I need advice on 2000 and up Chevy trucks with 4L60E or 4L80E transmissions.

I have had a few late model 2500 series 2000-2010 Chevy trucks with diesel and Allison transmissions for work but no half tons with the newer 5 solenoid electronic servo 4L60E or 4L80E transmissions. I have been a fan of the 700R4 for years in trucks and cars although my current 700 gave up the ghost after years of hard service. So I'm scrapping the rusted 1980s heap in favor of a 2000 and up preferably newer Chevy or GMC half ton 2wd or possibly a 3/4 ton with one of these newer electronic shift transmissions. Has anyone had undue issues with these transmissions? Has anyone found that they like the newer transmissions better than the 700R4? I'd especially like to hear if anyone's 4L60E went out and how much it cost to fix, I can get either a 700R4 or 4L60E built for about $700 with fluid and a converter but I have to R&R the thing myself. I just want a good reliable truck to drive every day, and I want it to be slick and later model so I'm researching to see what will suit me best.

I'm currently driving a 2002 Honda Accord but it's more of a road trip or Doctor appointment car rather than a daily driver for me due to the fact I fall into the Honda and have to climb back out, just too low to the ground for me to drive daily plus I miss my Trucks. I have a 76 1 Ton Dually but it gets 6mpg down hill with the wind to my back, it's like new and has a rebuilt 454 and 400 turbo trans but it's not practical and rides rougher than hell so it's relegated to pull the car hauler or other heavy trailers.


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I have a lifted 2008 Chevy 4x4 quad cab with 120K miles and it is going strong with the 4L60E. I don't tow, but I drive it like I stole it! No issues. I did program firmer shifts via the computer. I have the temp gauge in the computer. Never seen it over 165 degrees. Does what it needs to without issue

I have a 700r4 in the '69 Camaro. On my 4th one! Paid over $2K for the last one and it is holding up fine!

I would have no reservation in buying something with 4L60E. I believe they worked out the problems with the 700r4 and put the improved parts into the 4L60E. Stronger drum and extra gear in the planetary.


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400 turbo,highway gears and ls engine = aprox 20 mpg highway empty if you stay out of it. Not a big fan of 700r,4l60 or 4l80. What you will save in gas with newer will probably cost you more in the end when you need to repair it. 67 chevelle 283 pg 2.56's 20 mpg @ 70 mph.


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I got a 700r4 built to handle 500hp in my K30....40k miles no problems so far, i would have loved to go with the 4l60 too much money at the time.. the bugs were worked out in the first few years. Do the best you can to keep fluid temps down as low as possible that will help them last and be careful towing in OD.

i had this place build mine and they truck shipped it for $100. Lots of good information on their site.........


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I have the 700R4 in a 88 Chevy 3/4 & 91 Suburban 1500 both in two wheel drives and the 4L60E in a 99 Suburban 1500 2 wheel drive and I tow with all of them but not in overdrive. I just had to replace the transmission a few months ago in the 99 Suburban and a in car rebuilt was 2k. The 99 Suburban supposedly had the transmission rebuilt when I got it but after 40k it started to slip into 3rd gear.

The turbo 350/400s can't be beat for simple, cheap and reliable but the 700R4 or 4L60E have the gas mileage advantage but overdrive in the city where its shifting all the time or while towing you are asking for problems.
I have a 4L60 in a 500hp 33 Ford Coupe with 3:73 gears. You can't beat the low 1st an 2nd gears. I love the way it shifts along with 24mpg on the highway
I have a 2004 2500 HD with the 6.0L gas and the 4L80E transmission. just over 140k miles, lots of towing (I run a lawn-care co and tow and travel trailer) and no probs yet.

We have a 2004 Suburban with the 5.3L and the 4L60E transmission, just creeping up on 200K miles, no problems there either.

I run full synthetic trans fluid, and have it changed according to the recommended service interval in the owners manual.

I HAD a '93 2500 Silverado with the 700R4, replaced it twice. When it died the 3rd time, I sold the truck broken for $400. It was doing the same work as the 2004 2500HD.
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When the weather improves I'll be out looking for a truck, I want a 2000 or newer unless I can get a super low mile pre 2000 with the colors and options I want. I'm not afraid to pay more for a legit low mile one owner vehicle even over the blue book value, I'm tired of swapping out engines and transmissions on daily drivers. I'll save that for my vintage stuff, I still want to sell my 65 Nova and get a pre-55 Chevy truck and put late model running gear in it.