i need some license plates-

Can somebody help me get the last of a friends 50 state license plate collection completed.He needs 4 states to get all 50.He needs Montana,Idaho,New Hampshire,and Vermont. I know we have members from all over,and I could trade plates and pay for shipping.He hangs them up in his barn.Thanks,in advance. Paul
He's the one on the right.
Of course the guy with the molesterstache is holding the kid a little too tightly. The guy with Ectrodactyly really makes it though.

I'm a bit conflicted.
Of course I could use any plates from other states but really need the ones listed to get all 50 states.Please don't use any words that I don't know the meaning of.:shrug:


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I only have one so I'm going to keep it. I love New Hampshire plate they put their state motto on it [live free or die] very cool.
maybe someone in those states(Montana,Idaho,N.hampshire,Vermont) has an old one laying out in their garage that could part with it? Thanks, Paul