1. KustomKartKid

    The Attack of the Dreaded Miniature License Plates

    I don't know where all these things come from...the good folks in China must have a factory where they turn these things out 24/7. :doah: How could so many different sellers be making money on these things ?! many people named "Fred" or "Edna" are currently in the market for a...
  2. MoTo-BunnY

    Vintage NOS 1977 NC North Carolina Motorcycle or Minibike License Plates / Plate

    I have these vintage NOS (new, old stock) never used 1977 North Carolina license plates in their original shipping envelope, never used. Plates available are shown-great shape but a bit grubby from storage and light rust "squiggles" on the back but otherwise nice. Would look great on that...
  3. P

    i need some license plates-

    Can somebody help me get the last of a friends 50 state license plate collection completed.He needs 4 states to get all 50.He needs Montana,Idaho,New Hampshire,and Vermont. I know we have members from all over,and I could trade plates and pay for shipping.He hangs them up in his barn.Thanks,in...
  4. Rupp_It_Up

    Speedway Custom License Plate

    Custom Speedway mini bike License Plate for your show bike or use it to dress up your rider. I had several of these made up for my Speedway bikes. The aluminum plate measures 6 1/2"L x 3 1/4"W. The vinyl logo is modeled after a Speedway patch I saw in an old brochure I have. PRICE $40
  5. gumpit

    old license plates.

    1957 58 Bicycle Motorcycle License Plate | eBay I saw this on Ebay and thought of Buckeye. Does anyone have any interesting ones? Lets see some pics. I am looking for one that is either from 1969 or has the word "BLUE" on it or is maybe blue in color or has something maybe unique to me. To hard...
  6. trailramdan

    small license plate wanted

    my trail ram has a bracket for the tail light and for a rear plate, i want to find a small plate that i can paint black and put my own decal on it, anyone have one or know what to buy them?
  7. 8

    Anyone have access to license plate lookup?

    I need to do a reverse lookup on a license plate. I dont want to pay 15 bucks just to run one number. Im wondering if anyone here is a private investigator who has already paid for such a program or anyone that could get this info for me. I had some idiot driver nearly kill me today. Not like...
  8. O

    The frist mini byce to have a license in Alberta

    About 1960 I needed a byce to get home from my work up to three miles for meals .They were selling Wren minis at the time but we didn't have a dealer so I decided to make one .It looked almost like a Wren .4"x8" tires, Briggs and Stratton 3.5 hp , centrifugal clutch ,belt drive .It would go over...
  9. T

    Broncco tailight and license plate bracket

    I found this Broncco taillight and license plate bracket in my shed that I didn't know I had. Lens is stamped CEV Made in Italy and is not craked. $22 shipped.
  10. wayne

    Go kart license plate

    has ther ever been a state in the usa that let you get a license plate for your go kart ??????