Just got this mini baja and can't figure out

What hp engine it has. Is there a way of telling if it is a 5.5 or a 6.5 hp.

WP_20170723_11_33_08_Pro.jpg WP_20170723_11_33_25_Pro.jpg

It runs as is and the lights work, it has a jackshaft setup I am going to get rid off and install a chino TAV. Appreciate any hints on the jackshaft to tav swap.
Its missing the chain guard any idea where to get a replacement?
Also I saw there was a recall on some of this mini bajas something about the forks coming undone:scared:. Any one knows what the issue was/is to look for.

Now the fun begins.

Thanks in advance for the comments.

Yes the fenders are metal and goofy to say the least.

The mini baja is 2004 vintage according to the vin number on the frame neck area.
So yea it is probably a 5.5hp motor on it. Yes it is the original motor on it.

Found out what the recalls where, shoddy welding and thin walled tubing and engine mounting plate.
There was also some fire hazard stuff related to fuel line and leaky gas tank/cap.

I am going to take it down to bare frame and inspect it closely for cracked welds and or weak welding.

I think I am goin to go sort of this route with mine Rob_s_Mini_Bike_6_.jpg

There is something weird :doah: going with the seat and the way the handlebars is, the seating position seams too low.
Coming along

Here it is still in progress.
Did some rust removal and paint, so to try and keep the cancer at bay.
Handlebars had quite some rust so had to paint it too, also cut two inches from each end of the handlebars they where just to wide and since the bike it's going to be in the street for the most part no biggie.
Found a rusted trough spot under the right side of the stock seat, welded a slice of a piece of pipe over the spot.
Added some reinforcing plates at both sides of the neck area of the frame and the underside of the engine mounting plate.
Tires are 20x8x8 hi turf, only tires they had in stock at Pepboys.
Removed the fender brackets front and back, this thing is going to be a fair weather ride anyways.
About it for now.

WP_20170811_14_25_31_Pro.jpg WP_20170811_14_26_07_Pro.jpg

PS I think I am going to call it "Big FOOT".
The seat and exhaust came to light

The seat had to be stretched due to leg length. Trying to come out with a comfortable riding position.
I got lucky in a way on the exhaust setup because some one had cut up and welded a Harley exhaust muffler to fit a baja minibike I bought. So it was a matter of picking up where they left at.

WP_20170813_15_20_09_Pro.jpg WP_20170813_15_20_31_Pro.jpg WP_20170813_15_20_49_Pro.jpg
How much chain clearance do you have on the tire sidewall???? The 19 x 8 - 8 Kenda Speedracers I have needed the sprocket offset 3/8'' to clear the sidewall.


Just my thoughts/observation on the seat. I would think the added height would make you feel tipsy on top of the bike instead of seated on the bike. I stretched my Warrior a little over 5 inches and the seat is still in the stock location. You feel attached to the bike when you sit on it. Now I haven't finished the bike yet so I haven't ridden the bike, so I am just going by feel...

Per your posted pics this bike is an MB165.
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Yes I am going to need a spacer in the sprocket

The chain bearly clears the side wall of the 20x8x8 Hi Run tire.
I am good riding it up there no problem, now the wide flat design tire in the front its a bear on turn you have to lean in to it.

Took it out today and it rides great torque is there yet in like slow motion then the TAV shift and it starts picking up speed.
Figure it will do better with a 60 ish tooth sprocket.




Got the LED spot light installed, I will get the LED tail light on later and do the wiring also need to get a battery.
Thanks for the spacer idea. He he if you look at the last picture you can see the chain pattern left on the side wall of the rear tire O.O .


PS The exhaust note is nice and not to loud. Need to wrap the exhaust pipe.
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