Manco Intruder RT 211cc Upgrade


I have zero experience with goKarts, and want to help my neighbor resurrect his old Intruder.

He wants more power.

it has a 7 hp Robin motor, anyway I can squeeze out more HP with a jetted carb, new air intake, and new exhaust? I don't see ANY performance kits for these. I am only familiar with the predator clone engines. I see these motors have a timing chain :(

He might want to upgrade the motor to the HF 420cc electric start (has lighting coil) that would mean we would have to change the torque converter clutch to 1" (as the shaft is now 1"). Do We need to upgrade any other torque converter component other than the clutch part that goes on the shaft?

If anyone has messed with one of these, I'd like to hear what direction you went.


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The Subaru/Robin engines are what I would call a "boutique" engine--they're high end and merciless on spare parts prices. They're expensive to repair, quite simply.

I have never heard of any performance parts made for these, nor the HF 420cc. The HF 212cc 6.5 hp is where it's at in terms of hop-up parts.

The 420cc would be a good choice for the Manco as short search reveals it is a buggy (heavy, bulky) and not a traditional kart.