1. jbonez

    CT200U-EX front suspension upgrade

    Hey Guys, Recently just picked up a CT200U-EX for dirt cheap, rough condition but I just mainly wanted it for the frame since I plan to fully strip, paint, rebuild etc etc. The front shocks have some rust on it and instead of restoring them I wanted to see if there is any upgraded shock kits I...
  2. Tod Sales upgrade

    Tod Sales upgrade

    Double jackshaft twister with 12" wheels
  3. M

    Brake mod or upgrade

    Hey guys ..i would like to know is there a disc brake upgrade or mod that can be done to my mini bike rear brake to get rid of the pedal to tire brake ? It's an El Tigre and there is barely any space between tire and frame...
  4. T

    Doodlebug and Racer Chain Upgrade?

    Hi y'all I am plagued with #35 chain on two of our smaller mini bikes; Doodlebug and Racer (they have stock 212cc Hemi Predator swapped in) The chain get stretch like crazy. We made the new chain short as possible and adjusted the tensioner all the way forward ("loose") and adjusted the...
  5. L

    best fork upgrade for db30 old style

    My forks are completely fried and I was looking into getting azusa front forks to replace my doodlebug forks. I measured it all and it seems like a direct drop in, but was just wondering what the community thinks is the best front forks for the doodlebug. There aren't too many direct drop ins...
  6. N

    Gx160 upgrade

    Hi All, Looking at getting a kit for my gx160. It is for a minibike. What would you recommend and how much? Any help is appreciated. Nyrfan73
  7. aranhawaii

    Where else can I get an engine upgrade kit?

    Really need this: https://www.OldMiniBikes.com/baja-doodle-bug-engine-swap-kit-plate.html But they are out of stock. Is there somewhere else that sells these online that I should check? I'm in a hurry and can't wait til OldMiniBikes Warehouse gets more.
  8. K

    Motor upgrade to 1" Shaft - Torque Converter Question

    I'm upgrading a 8hp Robin motor to a HF VTwin 670cc motor, the shaft is now 1" instead of the Robins 3/4. It has a TAV30 torque converter on it now. Can I but just the Driver/Driven Clutch side of the TAV40 that is 1" and keep the reset of the torque converter the same?
  9. K

    Manco Intruder RT 211cc Upgrade

    Howdy, I have zero experience with goKarts, and want to help my neighbor resurrect his old Intruder. He wants more power. it has a 7 hp Robin motor, anyway I can squeeze out more HP with a jetted carb, new air intake, and new exhaust? I don't see ANY performance kits for these. I am only...
  10. BBQJOE

    ManCard upgrade

    How many of these does a guy need to own to get the platinum upgrade?
  11. K

    Exhaust upgrade????

    Hi guys. When I purchased my Chinese go kart they threw in an upgraded exhaust. Straight out of the box I thought jeez the header is so much smaller than the exhaust port. I thought the factory one must be really restrictive. As you can see in the photos the exhaust port is 26mm/ 1 inch...
  12. E

    Stage 1 Upgrade Kits

    I'm still researching upgrades for my baja warrior to keep me busy over the cold winter months. I was lucky enough to pick up a 212cc (Rato/Predator) engine on clearance at my local Canadian Tire, and now I want to spend the winter upgrading it. I was leaning towards the stage 1 kit from OldMiniBikes...
  13. T

    Rejetting after intake and header upgrade

    Is it necessary to rejet after putting a stage 1 upgrade?
  14. Rupp_It_Up

    Triple tree / Front Suspension upgrade - Speedway

    I'm upgrading my Speedway Green Horn front suspension to a real hydraulic suspension and wanted to know if there's an aftermarket pit bike setup that I could retrofit. The main issue is that the fork is secured to the steering neck with a 1/2" bolt going thru nylon bearings and all of the pit...
  15. C

    Predator upgrade

    What kind of real power difference can I expect between a stage 1 or stage 2 upgrade?
  16. 2

    Mini Bike Upgrade

    Hello OldMiniBikes'ers I received a mini bike about 10 years ago, (I thought it was a Bonanza, now leaning towards a Trail Horse) it had a B&S 3hp with 6" wheels on it and worked fine for my son, but not for me and it's been sitting for the last 5 years. So now it is time to upgrade it so we can...
  17. S

    Dirt Bug 212 Predator Air Filter Upgrade Breather Tubes

    I just installed the Power Up Kit on my Dirt Bug 212cc Predator ,which included the under the seat RLV header, K&N Pleated air filter, racing spark plug and jet and had a question about the tubes that are left. Once I removed the stock air filter what do you do with the tube that on the right...
  18. S

    Rietti chopper engine upgrade??

    Working on a little chopper that seems to have a Mitsubishi 43 or 48? Engine Looking to put a 212cc in it but rear sprocket is on passenger side, current engine is right side shaft CW rotation Predator 212 is also right but CCW rotation Might just flip wheel and modify brake(brake on left...
  19. S

    Reasonable engine upgrade alternatives

    I purchased a trashed out MB165 with a seized 196cc motor that had been run without oil. I see OEM choices from the Bajamotorsports.com and the OldMiniBikes warehouse etc and I also see the PREDATOR motors at HarborFreight. But are there Briggs and Honda brand name choices that bolt right in and...
  20. E

    Air filter + exhaust upgrade

    Hi guys, I was looking to change the stock air filter on my predator 212cc and I was wondering what was the different between the regular and the "high performance" air filter kit on OldMiniBikes and if it was worth it to go with the "high performance" one. And same questions for the exhausts :)...