Mislabeled Hodaka

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Robert, it is a 1972 Hodaka Wombat. It came with a model H engine of 125cc. If the engine sitting in the basket is complete and rebuildable, it's not a bad deal for someone who is interested in a hobby. If it has the title, it's worth more, but a lot of these don't. My current hobby is indeed Hodaka, and if that bike was within driving distance, I'd offer $600. But not $1000. I've got $3800 so far in my current project which is worth less than half of that. :) You can buy restored Super Rats all day long less than what I have in this ACE, but as I hinted above, it has to be a hobby labor of love, because you'll never make a dollar on one. They do have a following. A lot of models used that tank. Here's my 1964. First year made.