Murray times Two

Got some parts in the mail today :thumbsup: The Air filter kit was the first thing I install. Very easy to install and I am very happy with the look., and quality. I ordered a jet Kit to re jet the carb, but I think I'll wait on that until I get it running again. I also installed the new 60 Tooth rear sprocket, and installed the stock Clutch. That was a little troublesome to get everything lined up that way I wanted. I think I'm all set with it now.

I had a little helper today. Made the time working on this a little slower, but so much fun!
Nice beefy frames. Nice size of the tires. If you put ape hangers on them they fit a bigger guy a little better. Not too fond of the seat. But I think they are good as drag bikes. I wasn't going to get to the one I had but I know it went to a good home.