predator 212

  1. 09thirteen96

    Throttle lever & Vent filter ?

    I have 2 quick questions. First, is my predator engine gonna be fine without the linkage lever? By fine I mean is it going to stop me from making future mods? I took my bike to a shop for help connecting the throttle and when I got it back the lever was no longer there but the throttle is...
  2. Throttle Assembly

    Throttle Assembly

    Predator 212 Throttle Assembly top pate
  3. Throttle Assembly

    Throttle Assembly

    Top plate throttle assembly for Predator 212
  4. E

    Predator 212 Swap on Baja Dirtbug - engine vibrations

    So I swapped a Predator 212 onto a Baja Dirtbug and it runs great. Used an engine mounting plate and it fits very tight but fits and works. But the engine shakes so bad at 1/4 - 1/2 throttle. It shakes so bad that it throws the chain. Any idea why this could be? I read that it could be because...
  5. TDB

    DIY predator 212 clutch cover/clutch guard

    I went out for a nice ride after I finished swapping a Predator 212 onto my mini bike and ended up shredding my shoe on the exposed clutch.. no bueno. I looked a little bit online for a clutch cover but I didn't see anything that I really liked the look or the price of, so I thought what the...
  6. TDB

    New member // My build

    New member to the forum, and first time ever joining a forum! I debated joining for a while because I don't actually have an old mini bike *yet* (well I guess mine will be old someday), I just have a predator swapped Monster Moto. But this forum has helped me out in the past so I figured maybe I...
  7. S

    predator gas cap

    I went to mount my predator 212 engine and the gas cap won't come off because the bar is in the way. OMB suggests getting a low profile gas cap, any suggestions out there so my son can finally start riding? Thanks
  8. D

    Monster Moto MMB80 with 212 Predator upgrade (I've got a bunch of questions)

    Hi All, I'm very new here as I'm not really involved much with mini bikes but I've found this site pretty helpful so far. My kids have a MMB80 that we just swapped out the stock engine for a Predator 212. The basic job went pretty smooth and the bike is up and running but I have a few...
  9. G

    New to OMB, first post, not bikes, but karts

    First post, from Texas. Purchased go kart for Christmas, then replaced engine on the other. Now there's two. Those karts weren't meant for me but they called me anyway. Red one now has predator 212 and topped out at 32.5 mph. Blue one still on warranty, and topped out at about 27 mph.
  10. turftech 1

    5 Harbor Freight Tools Worth Buying

    Hi all, Just to show I'm not a tool-snob, (after ripping on the HF vise), we made a video of our 5 favorite things from Harbor Freight tools. What would be your favorite HF find? Do any of you have one or more of the items we picked?
  11. Rastabike

    Predator 212 non hemi motor flywheel problems

    So I just got the arc 1st and 3rd generation billet flywheel from omb and when I was installing it was rubbing on the crankcase I grinded down the studs behind the flywheel and it still grinds. Then after looking closer I noticed that the center hole where it mounts to the tapered part of the...
  12. DuffyMechanics

    Predator 212 Feels like it has too much compression

    I was just reading a post like this but it was a little different. So I put on my air filter, adapter, breather, new header and 18 lb springs, after tightening the rocker arms, I broke one and bent the rods. So I put the stock springs back in and rockers and rods from another honda clone. But...
  13. DuffyMechanics

    Doodle Bug Predator Build

    So let me give you a little background, I'm 14, 6'1 and 230 pounds (I'm a rugby player) and for my birthday last year, I got myself a Doodle Bug off Craigslist ($200 if you were wondering). I'll be straight up here, 2.5 horsepower does not move 230 pounds. I got the Predator 212 from my kart...
  14. gomurray2track

    Murray times Two

    Hello everyone, I've had these for a while now and i think its time to upgrade them. To start off I just purchase a HF 212 to put in the first one. I'm thinking of keeping it somewhat stock looking. I'm going to do one at time and try to learn as much as I can. :scooter:
  15. J

    WANTED: Valve Spring Keeper for stock Predator 5mm valves

    Hello, If anyone has at least one keeper laying around that they are willing to part with, it would be greatly appreciated. I've kept the 5mm stock valves intalled in the engine. I am putting together a mini bike for my son and this is literally the last part I need to have the build...
  16. F

    taco 22

    me and my son are thinking about the taco22 as a possible mini bike build also but the only place i can find this bike is (gokartsusa). Google lists the as being possibly hacked and doesnt have a good rep on some websites just wondering if anybody here had any...
  17. 1967 Tempest

    The Ultimate Harbor Freight coupon post.

    I came across this on another forum that I use. I did not see this here so I thought that I would share. The first post is all that you need. It has the coupons pictures on the bottom. :thumbsup: The page does not update, but the coupons do. I printed out and used the 25% off coupon twice...
  18. R

    Popping on deceleration

    Hey guys new here, Anyways I got a mb165 and swapped in a stock 212 predator. Been pretty fun so far. I recently swapped out the stock exhaust for a straight pipe setup that I welded up (no muffler). When I get on the gas its loud and sounds really good but when I let off the gas i get this...
  19. BajaBrandt

    Where to buy Predator 212cc engines IN CANADA?

    I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and I'm very frustrated that most eBay sellers or venders don't ship their engines to Canada. Does anyone know of somewhere in Canada I can order a Pred from?:scooter:
  20. J

    Predator 212cc starter issue

    I am building a taco Frijole minibike, and we're doing it in the monster theme like on the taco website. So we decided to paint the engine cover and the starter cover, when we went to put the engine back together, and we pulled the starter, it wouldn't engage and rotate the engine, any...