My Baja MB build.

Picked this up off CL a few weeks ago and just found some time to tear into it.

So far I've got the wheels stripped and painted,

and the frame chemically stripped and waiting to be sanded.

I hate using stripper but sandblasting down here is so bloody expensive. $100 - $150 for a mini bike frame. Friggin blasters to the stars is what.
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One of the projects im about to work on will kinds be like this we wanna do the old school bobber style seat with springs. Are you going to rebuild the font at same height or bring it down some?
BTW. I totally forgot I started this thread but I might as well keep it going. Sux getting old. :eek:ut:

Anyway, here's an update on the project as of today.

Front and rear wheel bearings are shot so I'm off to the mower shop tomorrow for replacements. If I can't find them locally I'll fire off and order to OldMiniBikes. Happy New Year!
How much pressure do you plan on running in that rear tire?

I'm really intrigued, I had no idea that there were other better quality/reasonably priced options for my Heat. Thanks!
And here it is now up on wheels.

I just don't think I'm in love with that seat and the front tire isn't thrilling me either. Anybody got any ideas?
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there are a couple of really good seat builders hear on old mini bikes I'm sure if you have a rough idea of what you want you could work with one of them to get a seat that really works. it looks like with the less tall rear tire in the back, that the bike is a bit too high in the front. maybe a shorter front tire would be good to level things out. nice bike by the way.