Mystery Bike

Hey guys, I found this bike on craigslist a while back and drove 500 miles round trip to go get it. It was long drive but I hope it will be worth it. I have posted in the "what is it" section but no luck. I believe there are just 2 or 3 others, Jamesc has one that is sweet.

I bought the frame like this.

New handlebars

Got a 2 free engine. this one is a 79cc greyhound, bought a mikuni for it but I just don't think it looks right. So, I am tearing down the other free engine which is a B&S 3hp. I am going to paint it, make a straight pipe, and put the little mikuni on it.

friend had a cherry Honda seat, he couldn't remember where it came from so he gave it to me.

I have an appointment at the local monument shop to get everything blasted,

hope to get bearing found this week as well.

thanks in advance for all the comments
I am going to remove the flywheel tonight. Id there a trick to remembering where is was so I can put it back exactly the same? Ive never removed a briggs flywheel. Also, it runs but the flywheels is very rusty. what is the best way to clean it?
The flywheel is keyed with an aluminum square key, can't get it wrong going back together, to remove the flywheel once the fastner is off I gently apply pressure to the backside and tap the end of the crank, take a file if nescessary and clean up the end, probally not the best way but it's how I've always done it, sandpaper or wire brush/wheel should clean up the flywheel outer area......................Tom.


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Leave the nut on the end of the crank. Don't hit the crank directly. Jacks up the threads. Don't ask me how I know. :eek:ut:
Got the motor apart and painted. My wife has claimed this bike and chose the color. I kinda like it but it is a little bright for me.

I replaced the head gasket while I had it apart.

going to polish the head bolts.

Like I said, I want to use a Mikuni on this, What do I do with this now?
OK, so here is how I am putting the carb on. I have never done anything like this before so any help or tips would help.

I am going to use a radiator hose for the intake manifold.

I cut an old carb in half to make the intake piece I needed.

I cut a different manifold that fit the carb.

Any reasons this wont work?


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I like the color too. The intake is nice I like that it is DIY. Are you making a bracket to hold the carb in place? Keep up the good work. :grind:
Had to torch the rear axel bolt out. the spacer collars were absolutely stuck to the axel bolt. no ammount of heat would remove them. Then when I screwed up the threads with the hammer :doah: I just torched it off. Much faster. And, I get a new tire now since I burned the other one! :thumbsup:

Does anyone know where I can get new bearing for the steering? There seems to be a fair amount of wiggle in the column?
Just a quick update. I pick her up from the blasters on monday, then to the machine shop where my friend is making a rear fender to match the front.

Then I get to put some color on her. woot woot.:thumbsup: