new Coleman ct200u owner (soon)

Just a side note, keep your gas tank from the stock engine. The Hemi has a tall tank that may not clear the upper frame rails. The non Hemi will fit, but the gas cap is a tight fit as it sits under the frame rails. That's what I have on mine. You can swap your original tank to have a gas cap that's off to the side, makes it easier to gas up. Either way you can get all kinds of hop up parts for either of the Predators. Check out my new header, theold under seat one tended to make for a very warm seat.


I saw those headers on ebay and debated on getting one, does the double pipes give a different tone by chance? One of my current builds I'm doing I'm going to try a dual exhaust on it.
Umm, kinda hard to say. The sound now is down low behind your feet, vs before when it was up high behind your back.
My reason for changing was the header/muffler on the old one it was right behind the seat, so if you would happen to slide back you could get toasty in a not so nice spot.
Imo the single is better only because a double has style but increases chance of getting burned..i see ebay has a triple :D which has neither advantage.
Right on, thanks EVOL. And lol I see your point Raskin lol. I built a harley style single for my fiance's baja warrior, it looks great but still has a burn factor lol.