New Guy with Questions

Hi everyone

I found this site while looking for some information on a mini that I just picked up to restore.
First off I have no clue what it is but I seen a photo on here post by kyle moody that looks just like the frame, its the picture of the awesome looking red bike with the white seat. If anyone lnows what that one is please let me know. To ad if a site is possible so I could find orginal colors that were put on them would also be great.

Also this bike when I picked it up had a none running engine on it and its an engine that I would like to restore because I believe its the orginal engine that was on the bike, its a 3.5 Clinton. I would like to find a site where I could get parts for it and manuals for this engine.

Thanks everyone and looking forward to many more post and showing off pictures from this project and others to come.

Arrowhawk (Rich)
Welcome....Kyles bike is a Ruttman...Ive seen it in person...its a killer little bike....the white seat is a lil indian seat.
I knew it was a Ruttman but I know there are different Ruttman Models. Do you know which model it is? From as far as I can tell its a Ruttman Toad, does that sound about right?