oooooppps screwed that one up didnt i ?

well timing is not on my side at all . was hoping to get my membership in before it ran out but nope not that lucky . so back to regular member till hent gets the money order :doah: i hate being broke

so if any one is trying to pm me it aint going to work as my box is dead full :laugh::laugh::laugh: like 700+ so going to have to wait till im back to full member.

the bad thing about being a supporting member you get spoiled . huge in box dont have to delete messages , access to the tech side .
makes ya miss it when it runs out and its only been a few minutes:scared::scared::scared::crying::crying::crying:

oh well
its back :laugh::drinkup: :pimp: :clap: :punk: :rockon: yaaaaahoooo

its so nice to be back no more funky adds, place just looks better from the member side .

just hope ya guys didnt change the handshake on me :laugh:

thanks OldMiniBikes as this place means alot to me . more then most of you could ever understand . its the one place where i feel i belong to something . where my friends are where i can learn and teach and help others with what i have learned .

where my skills in making stuff is useful and wanted .

thanks for putting up with me and all my ramblings my friends :laugh: