Owosso Trike - Picked up today

Needs to have different handlebars put on. And I need to find a way to remove the red spray paint and bring back the gold metalflake underneath without damaging. But the Fiberglass is in good shape.
Does anyone have handlebars and risers? I need to cut off the single pipe they welded and get something "close" to stock.. Randy
I don't know... I got some risers and I can try some different handlebars. I was also thinking of swapping the Owosso front end with my TRI-ROD. I think I want to make the TRI-ROD a street cruiser and turn the Owosso into an offroad machine:thumbsup:
Ya it's a steal, I just paid $250 for a rolling chassis. That was my choice though. I can't wait to find a deal like that here in my area" I know, broken record"...lol