Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. Aircooled

    Picked up another little bike

    I picked up a bike at a local yard sale...kinda like the way I found my other bike. It's a Jincheng...yeah, I know it's Chinese.. It's a mini-enduro, 50 cc, 3-spd. It is missing some parts, but it was cheap. How difficult is it to find parts for these things? It's missing the carb. and...
  2. W

    Looks like I picked up a new hobby

    I was not in the market for a mini bike, but I stumbled across this one the other day and got myself a new hobby, I guess. It's a Fox Street Scamp, but that's about all I know about it. I'm planning on digging through the forums to find out more about it, but feel free to teach me up if you've...
  3. E

    just picked up this cool engine

    hey everyone. i just picked up this engine up along with a 1968 3hp briggs. its complete although the seller did crack the original little 90 degree air filter adapter for the carb by dropping it he said. bummer but looking for a new one or i could fix mine probably. anyways heres the pics...
  4. S

    picked up a Trapper

    Hello everyone.Nice to join this site. I just picked up this Trapper trail bike. Took me a day, but I got it running. Has the original Chrysler engine and carb on it. I am looking for a seat for this baby. Anyone know where I can get one. I know the tank is wrong too, but I like that tank. Its...
  5. Y

    Just picked up?

    just picked this kart up , says FIRST RACING KARTS on it ? is this the make or ??
  6. ugmold

    Old Lil Indian I just picked up

    An old Lil Indian popped up on Craigs List and I bought it. A little crusty, but all there. Don't know the model or year, has a foot/scrub brake, it does have the brackets for the sprocket disc brake, 2hp Briggs and actually started on the 3rd pull with a squirt of gas. Gonna take my time...
  7. owend

    Just picked this one up today

    A Lifan 110cc Clone of the Honda CT Series. Runs great, starts with electric or kick start. It has a registration to make it street legal too!
  8. apekillman

    just picked this up. any thoughts?????

    I've wanted a chopper for awhile now. i think this is a mango. not sure though. its been modified a bit here and there. front part of engine plate and the foot pegs are the obvious ones. anything else I'm not sure of? are the forks supposed to compress? these are rigid. thanks for any...
  9. G

    picked this up dont know what it is

    i bought this there is no identification on the frame. does anyone know who made this?
  10. thejoker

    So I picked up a few new bikes

    So what do you think?
  11. Possom point

    Picked up another Briggs

    Picked this up last week. Serial number. 170402 0547 01 6910021. So do I have here a 1969 motor? If I read the identification right....
  12. Rupp 72

    Picked up a Taco!

    Got this 1968 Taco 99 judging by the serial number, and the 359th one made so pretty early in production for the year. What engine would this have? I know a briggs, but what HP? What model? Also what does a halfway decent era correct engine cost? (not looking for a quote per the rules of OldMiniBikes...
  13. HarleyJJ

    Just picked up another Tecumseh what is it?

    I just scored another pretty clean looking Tecumseh that is not running yet but should be tonight. its on a Sears snow blower and carries a Sears Part number on the shroud #143-696082 SER92900 Can anyone tell me what i have and what year? It has a 3/4" shaft so this may be what goes in my...
  14. HarleyJJ

    just picked a Tecumseh for my Cat Eliminator project

    I've been looking for a Tecumseh for my Cat project and just picked this Toro 421. I know I will need to ditch the electric start, find the proper shroud, air cleaner, Throttle hook up, and paint it whit but I think I'm off to a good start!
  15. baggedwinnebago

    picked up a baja dirt bug

    got this over the weekend. pulled the engine had the motor from my coleman project had a pipe that did not work for another project. cut re-indexed it rewels and header wrapped it it is hanging to dry in the one photo cause i found it is easier to install the wrap wet. waiting on some...
  16. C

    Package deal I picked up a month ago

    Picked these bikes up a month ago and not sure what they are. For sale for the right price.
  17. B

    Hey guys I just picked up this hs50

    Could anyone tell me the year and is that the correct shroud decal. Thanks.
  18. G

    Picked another, no name or markings seen? Any ideas?

  19. roc89boy

    Just picked up another one

    Hey all. I just picked up another mini. Not sure of the identity of the bike. Best guess Golden Pinto or Alexander Reynolds. Please chime in and school me on the right model and year. I've read some of the other forums and already know the value is ten dollars.:laugh: I think I'm...
  20. cruhr1

    Picked up another 71 speedway scorpion today

    I found another speedway scorpion a couple days ago and picked it up today. It's got most of the hard to find parts. The chrome isn't as good as the pics look but it does have the correct lighted HS40(wrong shroud), a complete torque converter setup with a good belt, a good clutch cover and the...