Powell colors ?

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I'm maybe going to fully restore a Powell. I'm not a big fan of red, does anyone know what colors were available when this bike was built ? I've tried to research Powell's colors,but still not sure but I think I read somewhere that red, blue, and lime green were the only factory colors ?
If blue was a color, I would go blue (powder coated). I've seen pictures of 2 nice powder blue ones...anybody know if powder blue was a factory color ??
Nobody can tell me what year it is...so the correct color for the year is not an issue.
Serial # 152-22


If you are going to powder coat it, does the color really matter? Your bike is in great shape, and would benefit from a good cleaning, followed by the application of carnuba wax to bring out the original color.
Yeah since the pictures of it were taken I've super cleaned the frame and engine. I've had the engine out so it's thouroghly cleaned. If I wasn't doing a color change I'd polish it then wax it with Mcguires carnuba. Over the years I've restored a few cars and motorcycles, and it raises the resale value if the repaint job is a period correct color. I don't plan on selling it, but if I ever do at least I haven't significantly lowered its value.
Thanks for the advice.
Like Dave said, your bike is in great shape. You may wanna consider keeping it as is and then look for a different bike in bad shape to restore and paint blue.
I have considered that also, but I'm kinda weird that way... I have a bad habit of buying old stuff and making it look new again. Thanks for the advice.
It's your bike but as soon as you start with painting and other things besides a good cleaning, the value goes WAY down. There only original once.
Yeah I know you're right about that. Usually I won't even consider buying a car or motorcycle thats been repainted myself UNLESS I can see documented evidence of what's under the paint. I think I better hold off on changing anything for now . If I decide I'm going to keep it for ever THEN I'll powder coat it blue. Thanks, and hopefully someone does know what colors were offered in the year it was built, and what year it is. Doesn't seem to be much information on Powell's .