Predator 212 stall at deceleration

Hey all, I'm pretty new to all this but still know my way around some of the stuff on these engines. I'm running the 212cc with air filter kit, 140 E tube and .036 jet, 11 inch exhaust pipe w/ muffler with the governor gear removed(stud still in place). It's had maybe 10 hours run time. My problem is that it takes a while to start up the engine with the pull start. Then once it's idled it occasionaly dies when i put turn the choke off. When it doesn't, it runs fine until I'm decelerating. It simply dies out after deceleration and takes a while to start back up. I've got the idle screw set pretty well, too. I've also installed a stock RuiXing carb with the new e tubes and jets because i ended up stripping the gasket screw. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks


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Glad you found it'

I had no good alternatives for you to check upon, But' i'm glad your new heart is functional, I too plan very soon to at the least purchase the predator motor.
Then I can work on the mounting plate, 3/4 bore clutch. It will be going on my DoodleBug. It has a great smooth ride.
So far so good on my stock motor Motovox MBX10 '
except for the ever so hand,arms,brain shaking, it gives off front end.:sad: