1. thomas3120

    Some modifications to my Trailmaster Hurricane/Pred. 224cc

    Some mods I've done to my mini bike. Will add more pics tomorrow.
  2. MowKart Mayhem

    Flathead flywheel options

    Does anyone know if there are any flywheels with similar tapers and sizes as the 5hp Flathead, don’t wanna pay $200 for a flywheel that will barely get used but also don’t want to risk a cast flywheel, will any sort of clone flywheel or something like a predator or Lo206 flywheel, timing doesn’t...
  3. Altexs

    Project 225cc (With Photos)

    Not many mini bike shows or places to take them out around my area so I am just showing off my project over the last year and half and wanting to get some feed back from people. This is my first mini bike altho wanting one since I was about 5 years old. I enjoy tinkering around with them in my...
  4. Z

    80CC Predator Throttle issues and general transmission issues

    Hello, another question about my Blazer 2 Speed. With a GoPowerSports 80cc throttle assembly kit, it itself works, all parts, with a returning throttle. however, the governor assembly does not activate the throttle. In the reddit comments of my video here, , they say that if it was on it would...
  5. S

    Gear Ratio

    Hello everyone I’m new to the forum and still kinda a rookie on mini bikes lol, I have some knowledge just not too much. I put a doodlebug db30RR with a stock cylinder head 212cc predator together and it runs perfect it has a vm22 Mikuni clone carb and it has arc billet aluminum fly wheel and...
  6. Abyssion

    Hi, Tillotson 212 head swap with predator hemi?

    Hi, I have a tillotson 212 with Hotmod 2 cam and billet rod, 22lb spring, 212R Cast Alum Flywheel. I wanted to swap my head just temporarily to the predator hemi 212 because my right intake valve has bent on the original tillotson head. I have the parts coming but I just want to ride. Thank you.
  7. B

    Broke my crankshaft and trying to find the right replacement

    I have a non-hemi predator 212 and the crankshaft broke to the point where i can’t put my torque converter on. I’m trying to find a replacement part for it but all I can find specifically for predators are hemi cranks. I don’t know if those are compatible or not. I also found a tillotson...
  8. metalstringdom

    Is a 79cc Predator too small to move a grown adult or is there another issue?

    I recently finished this mini bike (more has been done since the picture). It was found in the garbage all rusted in 1993, and we grabbed it. It sat in another storage unit for years until we discovered this year that it was still there. I forgot all about it. We cleaned it up and painted...
  9. C

    Late 70s ford van go kart

    so I've been rebuilding this go kart for quite some time now, I've had it about 3 years and I just recently fully built an old manco frame with a predator 420cc stage 1 kit and all parts from I just need a seat and body mounts and a few cosmetics(bubble windows, clean up welds...
  10. K

    Keystone Minibike

    Keystone condition: good engine displacement (CC): 212 fuel: gas transmission: automatic Up for sale is a rare and vintage Keystone mini bike. I bought this bike in rough condition and gave it a full restoration. It is now mated with a fresh Predator 212cc that has less than 20 hours of...
  11. Heepster97

    Help! I'm new and need advice !

    I am I contact with a guy that has a Tote Goat for sale. He is asking $550. I know these can be a beast of a mini bike but is it worth all the hassle with the extra sprockets, bearings, chains and such or am I better off with say a Coleman CT200U-ex and do a predator 212 swap. I weigh 280 so I'm...
  12. 09thirteen96

    Throttle lever & Vent filter?

    I have 2 quick questions. First, is my predator engine gonna be fine without the linkage lever? By fine I mean is it going to stop me from making future mods? I took my bike to a shop for help connecting the throttle and when I got it back the lever was no longer there but the throttle is...
  13. Out with the old and in with the new

    Out with the old and in with the new

    Out with the Motovox 79.5cc and in with Predator 212cc
  14. Motovox MBX 11

    Motovox MBX 11

    Motovox MBX 11 after Predator 212cc engine swap.
  15. Motovox MBX 11

    Motovox MBX 11

    Motovox MBX 11 after Predator 212cc engine swap.
  16. Motovox MBX 11

    Motovox MBX 11

    Motovox MBX 11 after Predator 212cc engine swap.
  17. BruceTheCat

    How long should shaft bolt for predator 212 be ?

    Hey there Im rebuilding my mini bike and I have a torque converter and I lost the bolt that goes into the engine shaft. know that the bolt is a 5/16 24 but i don't know how long it should be for a torque converter set up. Does anyone know?
  18. Wheel Gun

    Predator 212 question

    Predator 212, Any way to get a charging for a 12 volt battery from one of the HF engines? Wheel Gun
  19. R

    Do you use a bushing between clutch/engine for Predator 212 on Coleman CT200U???

    Hello... Hoping someone here might know the answer and be able to help out... Just had my engine on my Coleman CT200U die off on me. Got a Predator 212 to put on it. But the drive shaft on the Predator is 3/4 inch while the drive shaft on the original Coleman engine is 5/8... I guess they built...
  20. Cornishrooster

    Need help with predator and inverted intake w 22 mikuni carb.

    Hi erbody need some help here. When I fire up the engine it starts at half throttle, I can give it gas without it dying but can't get the throttle to go down. Maybe I need to put smaller jets in it, the mikuni has the stock jets in at the moment, 100 and 15 pilot I was lead to believe that with...