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Having owned several Honda 90's with a 2 speed hi/lo setting, I keep thinking a mini trail bike could use one. Only thing I see is a 2 speed clutch. I am hoping to build a bike with a TC and a jack shaft. I remember the early Honda 90's and some of the Suzuki 185's came with two rear sprockets and a short piece of chain with an extra master link/ A bit of a pain but worked. On those bikes the distance from front to rear sprocket was 18" or more and the chain seemed to do fine with a bit of misalignment. With a jackshaft set up and 1/2 that distance would it still work? Or would the chain derail or wear fast? Any other ways to approach a 2 speed set up? Could I mount the jack shaft sprocket so it floated so it could self align? My reasoning is while camping and running fire roads, high speed, but when trying to carry a deer or elk out of the woods some lower gearing would be nice. Or just slam a 13 hp in it and hang on?
Driving home from work I realized the answer to the sprockets, just put two sprockets side by side on the countershaft. One for each wheel sprocket.
Howdy, Howdy!!! You say " I am hoping to build a bike with a TC and a jack shaft" Do you mean something like a tote gote or other types of trail bikes, sometimes called trail scooters?... A lot of those bikes came with TC's or 2 speed jackshaft setups, where you didn't have to change the chain to a different sprocket. That type would probably be your best bet. What are you working with?......Nothing yet???....Maybe a Coleman CT200U....or whatever they're called!... You can get them for a fair price if you shop around, 196cc motor, racks for hauling stuff, just buy a TC kit, and set things up how you like!?!?!....Just my $0.02!!!:thumbsup:
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Hey Jim!!! I looked thru your previous post's (not creepy style) and I still don't know what your working with...or building???...I'm just asking?...have you decided on anything so pressure!...Just asking...We hunt up in eastern ..AZ...unit 27 (deer)archery...then unit time goes on.... the roads are very slick, and washborn, as you might Know, still curious what your plans are !!!...

Just my $0.02 Worth....:thumbsup:
I been thinking of a Tote Gote type. Without a tubing bender I was trying to come up with a design I could do at home. I have a pretty complete wood shop, an ark welder, torch, MIG, chop saw, drill press. Used to wrench on bikes and small engines. Restored m 53 Chevy years ago. So I have a few things working in my favor. Keep watching the adds and Craigslist. I have seen the Coleman, nice little bike for the buck, but a little wimpy for what I am thinking of. But I saw a picture of a Trail Buck. I can build that! Actually today I picked up a couple sticks of steel at Agate Steel today to get started. Was thinking of starting with a Harbor Freight 6.5 but leave enough room for bigger if needed. How do you get a 2 speed with a jack shaft? I have seen the 2 speed clutch, but nothing that would work simply on a TC and jackshaft. I am in Payson, so have a lot of rocky trails to ride and have another elk tag for 7 peaks hunt. Might be nice to have this running by then tho most of 7 peaks is walk in. Trail Buck Tho what I am thinking would be a bit longer with higher weight rated tires and lower gears when needed. (Dam elk is heavy! )
I did a search for 2 speed jack shaft, found a few. But would I be better off with a TC? Looks like you cant combine the two. A couple reasons I want a JS is one, to lower gearing and able to put a smaller gear on rear wheel so not to bang it on rocks. Two, should make a nice place for a band or disc brake. More gears and chains has a cool factor anyway.
If you're fine with building your own bike, THEN DO IT!!! Trail bikes are pretty straight forward, as far as geometry goes!!! You can buy some of the bends pre-bent (Can't think of the name of now) if you want. I want to build a micro mini myself!!! 1HP!!!! As long as you have a level, flat, straight work table, your off too a good start!!!

P.S. I procrastinated on a BearCat Twister TrailBike, (3years) until my cousin said......Oh...I think I'll hang on to that. It's been sitting there
in the same spot on my uncle's 5 acre's for at least 30 years!!!.............AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!:shrug: