1. Gabrielmq23

    Minibike Float bowl tuning.(With fuel pump)

    Got a question on float bowl tuning with a post pump. First some background info, When i first put this kehin 24mm carb it ran fine i realized that the carb wasnt getting all of the fuel from the pump since the line was too high. So I stuck the fuel line from the pump to the carb lower and that...
  2. 250ATC

    Chain clutch recommendation?

    I’ve got an old Baja Beetle retro fitted with a fully built predator ghost 212. It’s a 35 chain, 3/4 bore and I tried using a master of motion 12 tooth clutch. It exploded 5min in, the sprigs between the clutch pads are bent and over extended. I can find a clutch that’s over 7hp rating. Any...
  3. L

    Engine Help (Predator 224) Idles WAY too high

    Hello, I've been working on a 224 build this week and the first steps I took before running the engine were to 1. Fully remove the governor 2. remove the oil sensor 3.install a mikuni carb (or knockoff) I originally was just going to ziptie my governor but the original throttle I had, (was a...
  4. Heidle

    Strength of Coleman CT200 tires?

    Anyone know what the speed rating is for the stock ct200 tires? I've been advised by some not to go 40 with the balloon tires that are on it although I didn't have any problem when I went 40 with them.
  5. WillyBoy4343

    MTD Columbia build issues Please help

    Hey guys I’ve just got into the older mini bikes scene and decided to pick up an old MTD Columbia bike, don’t know too much about it but I have some questions. So in the first picture is the top I’m assuming of one of the front fork arms and I can’t quite figure out what that bent piece on the...
  6. Oldschoolcool

    5.5hp ohh crankshaft question.

    Will a 5.5hp ohh crankshaft work in a 70's HS50?:shrug: Thanks!
  7. Wheel Gun

    Predator 212 question

    Predator 212, Any way to get a charging for a 12 volt battery from one of the HF engines? Wheel Gun
  8. D

    KV75 question

    I have a KV75 the auto clutch sticks , if I drop it in gear it takes off imediately , I;m think just dissassemble clean and reassemble the clutch might correct the problem :confused:, any thoughts ?
  9. Li'l Popeye

    Honda GX160 unconnected wire question.

    Hello, This picture shows an unconnected wire (with the red connector on it) It comes out of/leads to the flywheel side of the engine. It's not the coil/killswitch wire; that's the connected black one on top. All other wires are connected and have a purpose I'm aware of and everything...
  10. H

    New guy with question about the Scorpion from Spidercarts.

    First, hello from Atlanta, GA. I have been looking for a project to fit come certain parameters and needed some advice. I have a rusted Chinese two-seat dune buggy that I want to chop down and graft onto either a Baja mini bike frame or a Baja ATV frame. I'm thinking of building a trike because...
  11. E

    what kind of briggs do i have? /starter question

    i bought this briggs and stratton 3hp at a swap meet. i don't know much about about these engines and haven't seen this (older style?) type of starter before. i also am having trouble dating this engine. the numbers on engine are 80231 0168 05 7003233 can anyone tell me more about what i have...
  12. E

    Comet Series 40 Belt size and removal question

    I'm wanting to remove this from my Super Bronc 2 VT-1040... I removed the bolt at the end of the engine drive shaft, but the drive 'clutch' isn't budging. Am I missing something? Do I need a grear puller or some other tool? Also, the belt that came on it is a NAPA 25-07800/24308 5/8" wide...
  13. Mrknobblies

    Another stupid question

    Hey everyone well as my journey into learning about small engines continues I have another question that I would appreciate an answer to. I purchased a stage 1 performance kit for my gx200 clone and the kit comes with 18lb valve springs as well as a timing key. I'm planning on installing these...
  14. Mrknobblies

    Newbie question

    This afternoon I was removing the carb from a mini Baja and disconnected this part, I'm really new to all this and was wondering if someone could tell me what this part is and where it runs to. It runs to a box with 'OHV' printed on it. Sorry if it's a stupid question, we all start somewhere...
  15. myjunk

    NOMAD Mini bike question

    So I'm going through this guys yard and I see this old mini bike. The front says NOMAD The snow company Omaha Nebr. Most likely a 1960sMini bike? I know nothing about this brand, can somebody tell me a little history about them, and should I go back and buy it for $30? ( I know I probably just...
  16. smudvapor

    Carb question

    Hey guys I have a Tecumseh that only runs with the choke on. I pulled the carb and cleaned it really good but it hasn't changed. I tried running it that way but it loads up and dies. What am I doing wrong? Is there a trick to this that I need to know?
  17. T

    1969 taco brake question

    hello all, i am redoing my 1969 taco from the ground up i have a new set of rims for it well they are three bolt not 4 bolt like old ones , so today i got new sprocket bolts right up my problem is my bendix brakes dont fit in they are just a little to big anyone ever have this problem...
  18. Doc1976

    TAV 30 question

    got a TAV 30 converter to go on a tec 8 horse. my question is about the drive clutch installation. When assembled the splined hub is only on the crankshaft about 1/4 or so. Is this normal? The engine is brand new and the crank hasn't been cut short or anything. I just found it odd that it...
  19. Rupp_It_Up

    Super Bronc VT-1012 Front Brake Question

    I need to replace the rusty front brake shoes on my 1981 Super Bronc VT-1012. Does anyone know where I could buy a replacement set? Thanks, Charlie
  20. T

    Motorized Bike - Compatibility Question

    Hello, I'm looking at a bike on craigslist and am wondering if this bike will be compatible with this engine kit. Bike: Engine kit...