Raptor Tribute on Ebay

The guy did a nice job of upgrading a 3HP flattie. I could do without the Raptor decals. Anyone know where he got that intake filter and Tec carb adapter for it?


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Those late model blocks usually have 2 different bolt patterns for the intake, can just use that composite 5hp intake on them which will fit a Tec carb (I have one but I dont know what the part number is for them, they were stock on some engines)....I wish they made that intake in smaller pattern as I am working on a simaliar setup with an old block, I have to use the exhaust flanges I had made for the small frame tec to make an intake.....its probably going to come out messy!
I didn't think it was that easy. :wink: I looked for awhile for my WB project. I have very little room to spare, (frame down tube) and didn't want to go with the larger OHV set ups and giant chunks of foam. Even considered modifying an HD Tilly setup. I'm still rolling with Azusa V-stack, and an old divorced sock with a rubber band in the unlikely event I ever run it. :laugh:


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On the air cleaner maybe grab a 1 3/4" OD freeze plug or see if there is a flat PVC cap about those outside dims and use it as a base. Those small air filters off the Pocket bikes and some of the pit bike type engines are 44mm and will work with those dims. You can find them flat and thin like that style, I used a cone one on a Tec because I was cloning a Powersports racing engine but I liked the flat ones better.

OND also said something about a freeze plug, but I never found the air filter element to match size-wise. I don't have the room for the cone style filters. It's the last thing I have to do on the machine, I should probably get on it. Thanks.