1. olddog

    Raptor Tribute on Ebay

    Briggs & Stratton Raptor Jr. 3.5 HP Custom Built Engine Go Cart Mini Bike Motor | eBay Raptor Tribute on ebay.
  2. J

    Briggs Raptor PN

    Hello, Getting ready to put together a NOS Raptor block for my Lil Indian 6000 project. The block is steel sleeved. I have a NOS .020 piston kit for it. Briggs PN 555094. Just want to have confirmed it's the correct piston for a sleeved bore and not for the Kool bore. Any help would be greatly...
  3. Itype2slo

    Neat Raptor On CL

    Just saw this.https://bend.craigslist.org/for/6021771114.html
  4. C

    raptor 2 weak link

    Hi, everyone. I just recieved my NOS Raptor2 from a fellow member(thanks lil digger) and I am like a kid at Christmas. I have read that the rod is a weak point in the motor, as it is ungoverened . Is a billit rod and better bolts advised? I'm not going to be racing but you know how a guys wrist...
  5. C

    Raptor 2 recoil

    I'm looking for a recoil pull start that will work on a Raptor 2 briggs.
  6. C

    Raptor 2 ridability

    Does anyone have experience riding a mini with a stock raptor 2 motor, I'm considering buying one but I want to make sure it isn't going to be a bad mannered stallion, Any thoughts?:scared: By the way, It's going on a Manco Trailcat( not the big tire style) Also, Tav vs. centrifugul ?
  7. roccosbike

    24mm mikuni and intake for briggs raptor

    Looking for new or very good condition VM24 Mikuni and Billet intake for a Briggs Raptor engine. Pulse fitting on intake a plus.
  8. trinik7597

    Briggs raptor 3 recoil/shrouds

    Original raptor 3 recoil shroud $45 shipped
  9. 125ccCrazy

    WTB: Briggs Raptor III piston

    Looking for a new std bore R3 piston... buy or trade for.
  10. Daniel Coop

    Briggs Raptor alcohol to gas conversion question

    Hey y'all, I just scooped up a Dover Power Briggs and Stratton Raptor alcohol race engine on eBay and was planning on converting it back to gasoline. I was told that it's just a matter of jets but I figured I would ask. Plan on putting this in either my Easyrider or Sensation
  11. lil Digger

    NOS Briggs Raptor II

    Never had gas or oil in it. $400.00 + shipping. PM me if interested. Thanx
  12. minikenny

    Raptor - if it sounds too good to be true it probably is :)

    briggs RAPTOR for go kart,, karting jr dragster,quarter midgets?? He wants $400, not $40. :laugh:
  13. C

    Briggs raptor crankshaft

    Looking for a crankshaft for a 5 hp Briggs raptor part 555204
  14. M

    Briggs Raptor intake for Mikuni carb

    Anyone know where i can find this intake?
  15. R

    Complete nos raptor 2 racing engine

    So Tempting Brand New Briggs and Stratton Raptor 2 1998 Go Kart Racing | eBay
  16. M

    Picked up a Raptor

    Well at least I think I did so any help would be great. I don't have a way of turing it over so I have no clue if it runs because so far Im not turning it fast enough by hand to see if it even has spark. Any tips ?? I took the head off to get a peak inside doesn't looks to bad. what...
  17. Doc1976


    I need a little help figuring out if this motor is a raptor or regular 5 horse. I don't know if this photo is any help or not, but... I read somewhere that one way to identify is by the governor shaft Not being there and the hole for it never being drilled into the casting. If you zoom in on...
  18. lil Digger

    Briggs Raptor

    Can anyone tell me how to tell the difference between a stock 5hp. block and a Raptor block. I'm talking about just the bare block. Thanks in advance.
  19. Twid

    Briggs raptor 5hp blower housing pull start help

    I'm doing something wrong what am I missing!
  20. Twid

    WTB Briggs Raptor kill switch

    I'm looking for a stock raptor kill switch like pictured.