Replaced sheared flywheel key, engine fires more, but still doesnt start.

Hello Everyone, I made a post here last week about my briggs and stratton 3hp.I replaced the breaker points ignition to the electronic system. It had a flywheel key that was sheared in half, and thus I was unable to start it. I have replaced the key, and torqued the engine to the proper specs. I sprayed starter fluid into the carb, and got more firing than with the sheared key, but still it will not start. I am just wondering where to go from this point.


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How did you set the gap for the Coil Pac?
Did you align the magnets in the flywheel to the coil before setting the gap? Think the gap should be .010, a standard business card should be right there. Set the coil high, roll the magnets on the flywheel up to the coil.
Lay a business card across the magnets on the flywheel. Loosed the coil, it should attach itself to the flywheel. Tighten the screws up, roll the flywheel till the card falls out.
Then check to see if you have spark?
Also there should be an indication on the coil which side goes out.
Did you clean up the flywheel with a little sand paper before setting the gap?