Rupp continental optional shock covers?


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I had noticed some time ago in the continental parts listings they show part number 11592 "rubber shock cover" in the miscellaneous sections

Just recently ended on ebay was a par of continental shocks with some boots on them, I was wondering if anyone knows if these were in fact the optional ones or not. Looking at them pretty close I would venture to say they may be the same boot being used by Bonanza and Trail horse as stock equipment so they could have just been someones modification. They look like they would be a tight fit on the chain side.

Looks kinda like the boots off a rack and pinion automotive steering setup (sorry 99% of my background is automotive so I tend to go to that). Anyways it might be something that could be cheaper and easier to get on a resto that doesn't have to be 100% correct.

Of course the real problem is finding a set with close enough measurements that would work.


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They are not cut/modified boots, you can see the cast number in the bottom if you blow up one of the pics that was in that listing, same as what found on the bonanza boots. The same seller of those shocks looks to be selling the 1966 frame they came off this week and it has a set of them on the front as well. Looking at the bike and parts he's been selling the bike was a macked out continental....and was a really clean bike!

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