Rupp Hustler project

Here is one my latest projects, I picked up this Hustler from Joe the joker a while back, as you can see it was very rough when I got it. I stripped it all down and sent all the metal parts to the sandblaster and then had them powered coated. I also cleaned up and replaced a lot of the chrome for this bike. I decided to go with a newer and bigger 6.5 built honda motor for this particular build. We plan to have the motor produce 14 to 20hp when we're done with it. It will have a comet driver and driven two speed belt system. I have stiffer shocks to replace the original shocks because the original shocks are to soft and spongy for this much horsepower. I wanted the bike to maintain it's originality as much as possible with small custom modifications. I also wanted to build a minibike that was very fast that would handle well in the turns, the minibike needed to have good ground clearance, suspension with a lot of travel that could handle the mountains and the dunes of the deserts here in sunny California. I needed a minibike that was more streamline and lighter then a Powell and taller than a Bonanza with a larger wheel radius then both those bikes for a better rotation. I wanted rims with out spokes that's why I choose to build this Rupp hustler minibike as one of my top 5 riders. Here it is I hope you guys and gals like what I ova done so far.
SUPER NICE JOB !!!, nice attention to detail , GREAT color also.............thats one SWEET RUPP !....cant wait to see it finished.......what are your plans for an exhaust system ?......
Looks great. I just built a hustler myself. Took off the og h35 and put on a hs50. I was wondering what kind of drive system you were talking about. A 2 belt system? I'm curious!!! That's the only thing stopping me from putting a predator on mine. Heard a tc system wouldn't hold up to that much power.
I'm going to install a custom exhaust for this bike, hey Karl I plan to install an original comet driver and driven they can handle that much horsepower I have done it before already it works fine.
Damn that's a nice looking rupp , you've done a killer job . Have you rode it yet ? Just wondering cause if you have a minimum of 14 hp with a TAV and the short wheel base of the rupp she will be a wheelly King . Also with a motor like you want the TAV might not work real good , to many RPMs .

If you lengthen the swingarm 2 1/2" to 4" and use CT 70 shocks they ride and handle really good and stay on the ground . I've built two rupps , one has a 2 1/2" longer swingarm and the other was 12" wheel mod l with a 4" longer arm .
Also both have built motors on them with a kart shoe clutch and chain drive . A TAV won't work with these motors .
Thanks Andew,David,Karl and pantera1 for all the kind words, thanks for all the advice on the build Dave I will consider everything that you said since you have a lot of experience with putting big engines on these bikes already. Also just for the Record and the true Rupp guys and gals here on the fourm I have completely restored and survivors Rupp's also so don't kill me for taking what was good already and making it better. This is my first Rupp big engine build, if it works out I like a plan I have four more Rupp's in the garage to build that I plan to put big engines on also. thanks again Dave
I'm going to install a custom exhaust for this bike, hey Karl I plan to install an original comet driver and driven they can handle that much horsepower I have done it before already it works fine.
Please explain how you modify the comet TAV to handle that kinda of power . Because stock they will not do it . You can put the yellow spring in the driven and also the blue/ white springs in the driver which will give you a 3600 engagement and slow the driven from opening. I have the springs list in a setup and it works good for the slightly modified predator it's on , this motor only revs to maybe 7,000 .
So please in lighten us on your tricks .
image.png I found time to finish putting a few more parts on one of my rider bikes, "The Super Hustler" This bike is very fun to ride and it is not for the unexperienced rider at all. I'm also still waiting on some more patrts from the chrome shop so that I can swap out a few parts that's on the mini right now. Here are a few up dated pics image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png
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