1. Cat R3503 (Hustler)

    Cat R3503 (Hustler)

  2. B

    71 rupp new wheels help

    Does anyone know if this would be a direct replacement for the rear wheel on a 71 rupp scrambler? or could I get a plain wheel and reuse my stock brake stuff and...
  3. danford1

    72 Rupp Hustler, weird combo with paperwork.

    I got a "Barn Find" Rupp today. It was in a heated pole barn for the last 30 years according to the person I bought it from. He claims it came from the dealer like it is. I have the paperwork from when it was sold showing chassis number and engine number. The numbers on the frame and engine...
  4. james ackerman

    Huffy hustler survivor
  5. K

    1971 Rupp Hustler

    I'm looking for a 71 Rupp Hustler in any condition. Would consider just the frame also.
  6. J

    Huffy Hustler Seat and chain Guard

    Just got a Huffy Hustler and it is missing the seat and chain cover. If anybody has one or a direction to look please let me know. Located in southern MI.
  7. hotrodbutcher

    71 Rupp hustler wheels or wheel hubs needed.

    First post on this forum and I'm looking for stuff...imagine that. I recently got a 71 Rupp Hustler and found that the brake side wheel hubs were shot. One is cracked beyond use, the other one is a loose fit for the bearings. I'm not looking to do a restoration on this bike, just want to make it go.
  8. danford1

    1972 Rupp Hustler, Fresh Restoration. $1750

    1972 Rupp Hustler Minibike. Fresh restoration and paint. Completed March 2017. Has a 4hp Tecumseh engine that runs great. It is not the original engine but is period correct for the minibike. 10" wheels with front and rear brakes. MANY new parts were installed during the restoration. It rides...
  9. manchester1

    Huffy Hustler mini bike Seat

    My latest creation. Many hours. :scooter:
  10. Huffy Hustler seat

    Huffy Hustler seat

    Huffy Hustler seat
  11. Huffy Hustler seat

    Huffy Hustler seat

    Huffy Hustler seat
  12. Huffy Hustler seat

    Huffy Hustler seat

    Huffy Hustler seat
  13. B

    Wanted: CAT rear fender for Hustler/ Duster chopper. Thanks.

    Wanted: CAT rear fender for Hustler/ Duster chopper. Thanks. Would like a nice complete fender. Please PM me with cost and photo. Will pay for correct piece. White fender from a S&S chopper and you would be my Hero! Lol. Thank you for any help or info.
  14. B

    Huffy Hustler Survivor Ebay

    Huffy Hustler Vintage Mini Bike H0710 SURVIVOR original condition | eBay
  15. Abit1322

    Huffy hustler

    Hustler with 5hp Tecumseh, jack shaft brake, original head badge and frame tag. Sand blasted to metal, then painted. Motor and frame redone. Runs and rides. 600.00 OBO
  16. N

    Rupp hustler chain guard

    What's up guys I just recently purchased a bonanza with this rupp side cover, I took it off today and cleaned it up a little not to much. What would you guys rate the condition of this. I might sell it or I might try to find a rupp that this belongs on. Here's some pics let me know what you...
  17. topnotch

    Rupp Hustler project

    Here is one my latest projects, I picked up this Hustler from Joe the joker a while back, as you can see it was very rough when I got it. I stripped it all down and sent all the metal parts to the sandblaster and then had them powered coated. I also cleaned up and replaced a lot of the chrome...
  18. Harleys Papa

    Huffy Hustler rear fender

    Huffy Hustler rear fender, some surface rust on the under side but other wise straight :thumbsup: $100 shipped Pay Pal only + 3%. Shipped UPS ground with tracking number,if you want or need more pic's let me know :thumbsup:
  19. C

    Cat hustler

    I'm going to start building the cat hustler but need one crucial part, the seat pan. I'm looking for one or doe's anyone reproduce these? Maybe someone knows a person who can do it. The original is plastic but I assume it can be reproduced in fiberglass. I've talked to a couple of people but...
  20. manchester1

    Huffy Hustler frame decals

    I am having some Huffy Hustler frame decals made. The squiggly line decals that go on the frame rails. If anybody else wants some, let me know soon. It will keep our printing cost down.:thumbsup: