Rupp shock rebuild?

So I'm tinkering on my newly acquired Rupp (Hustler most likely). Trying to search or figure out what I can without making too many postings. Couldn't find any info.

So I know very little about these rear shocks. I noticed that one is taut and straight. The other is slightly loose with the spring not holding tension against the cap. Also noticed that the bushing inside where the rod goes through is ovaled and the rod moves side to side. I noticed that Black Widow Motorsports sells new bushings that are supposed to allow rebuilding of the 70-75 shocks. Anyone done this?

I noticed that there are also the option of an aftermarket shock set for 70 bucks, and I see original worn looking shocks for sale on ebay for up to and over 100$ ! I'm trying to stay frugal on this.
Really and truly, they are quite easy to take apart and rebuild. I learned how to do it from reading previous discussion threads on this forum.
In addition, take at look at the link below that is posted by Jim Kise of Black Widow Motorsports website. The photo and description shows a neat little trick on how to compress the springs- works like a charm! I went ahead and purchased the spanner wrench they sell for the job as well.


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The shock lower unscrews from a plastic bushing. I was able to use a ring remover as a wrench with a strap wrench on the lower tube. Once they're unscrewed, compress and remove the pin. Easey-peasey.
Thanks for the extra info. The thread I referenced actually had picture and info from you Cap which seemed pretty helpful.

Right now I'm trying to decide which way to go. My springs look medium cruddy. I hate to drop 40 bucks on the new repro springs Blackwidow is also selling. Could buy the complete set of aftermarket shocks for same money. I don't need show quality stuff but I wouldn't mind it looking decent. Paint is cheap but chrome ain't !

On a side note, I also really try my best to avoid buying Chiwanapanoreanam parts whenever possible.


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Glad I could help :)

For what it's worth, depending on your size, those Betor shocks might not be stout enough anyway. I'm not a real big guy, but I ring in at about 220 lbs. My 70 Rupp's back tire scrubbed on the rear fender with the stock shocks on it. Those adjustable shocks might have been preferable to original.

If you're a big guy, go with the aftermarket. If not, go with the originals. They just look so nice when they're done up right
Yea I'm pretty lightweight so I don't think its a problem. I'll probably just grab the bushing I need and keep on trucking. I'd really like to go full on spiffy but I got too many projects to feed. Still got several other pieces to buy to get this thing up to par.


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Looks pretty easy in the video to fix the original Shocks. I will simply fix my shocks and buy new bushings from BlackWidowmotorsports.