Some light mods for the windber ride.

I decided to take apart my Rupp roadster to clean to mud off and try and figure out a better carb setup so the air filter wasn't where I need my leg to be. After speaking with a couple members (thanks David and Tim.) I've decided on mikuni carb and intake with some light mods. Hopefully this turns out right.


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see if you can get a photo of derays carb setup from windber last year.
he put it over the clone engine and a curved intake slick!
Clean It Karl...just the cylinder with WD-40 and a paper towel or it will start rusting....clean it until the paper towel comes out clean.
They aren't going to hurt anything . You can get a Scotch- brite pad with some oil and wipe out the cylinder . But if that motors been in soapy water I would blow it off with air and oil the cylinder down because it will rust tonight .
I do have a question to all of you following at home. I purchased a isky black mamba cam, 26lb springs, +20 rod, and billet flywheel for this engine with a 22mm mikuni carb
I have a 20 series torque converter setup on the rupp. What springs should I use on the drive and driven. I had a sheet with the rpm/springs but can't find it.


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I am not real familiar with the 20 series, but if I recall, I don't think they like big power! Hopefully a smarter member (everyone else!) will chime in