1. 661_Minis

    10.5 to 1 compression ratio on a predator 212

    Hello, I’m building a predator 212 non hemi and need advice on achieving a 10.5 to 1 compression ratio, how much should I shave the head? I haven’t measured how deep the piston is in the hole yet because I already took the whole engine apart and I’m waiting on my ring compressor and other parts...
  2. M

    Predator mods

    i am looking for a Cam, A Rod, and a Flywheel. Hemi Predator. I am looking for a good deal so please message me!
  3. danford1

    How much hp after mods? Predator 212 Hemi.

    I was using the search feature trying to find info on this, but couldn't find what I was looking for. I have a Predator 212 Hemi. I added a mild cam, (Dynocam CL-2), ARC Billet 32 degree flywheel, carb jet kit, Cone air filter, pulse fuel pump, 18 lb springs, header pipe with big sausage...
  4. Stitch

    Coleman CT200U seat, shocks, front end mods finished today

    Well, I finally finished this project today. Special thanks going out to FOMOGO, KEN and TRIPLE A! On to another custom DB30.....
  5. E

    HF 196cc Mild Mods and Questions

    I have a HF engine that is going to be installed in a old Speeco 3 wheeler. I will be using it on our property and hauling deer on homemade small trailer. Biggest thing is to be reliable and a bit more low end power. The current mods as follows: Governor delete. (left stock springs to limit...
  6. C

    recommended mods

    hi. new here and kind of new to mini bikes. i was wondering what mods people would recommend? i have got it to the point where it should be drivable. i fixed the side cover oil leak and cleaned the carb so that it would actually run and stay running. i think i have got to the point that it is...
  7. Joe-405

    Powerland 420cc mods.............

    Finally got to ride the drag minibike but its not even close to right............. 1. Has anybody done governor removal, header, and air filter mod yet on these for comparison ? 2. Torque converter setup does not have a neutral setting but i still rode it a little bit. My custom driver is...
  8. T

    Do you have to remove governor ? To install mods ? Predator 212 non hemi

    Hi first time dealing with engines and mods , wondering if you have to take off governor on predator 212 non hemi to install mods , just don't wanna break anything if I don't have too please would love the help and advice just got a taco 22 and I'm loving the mini bike scene

    Some simple mods I've done.

    First I pulled the rear fender, and used the bolt holes to mount the milk crate with some aluminum scraps I had. I was hoping the dogs would like riding in it, but they don't. They'd rather ride up front with me. So that led to my second easy mod, I rubber cemented a piece of carpet to the top...
  10. FOMOGO

    Clone mods question

    I bought a supposed brand new "race" clone (no governor) at the swap meet a couple of weeks ago. It had a weenie pipe and muffler, an air filter and adapter and a top plate. I gave $90.00 for it. Thinking it was worth that in parts alone. I got it home and pulled the side cover. It had what...
  11. F

    carb mods

    i have installed a billet rod and a 94ss dyno cam does anyone know what I kind of carb mods I need to do. It starts and runs for about 10 seconds and dies out hell of a time to get it goin again I think that I need to re-jet the jets in the carb but not sure how much bigger to go or if im even...
  12. doodle-bug

    predator mods

    what are some quick and easy mods i can do to my predator that aren't to complicated? besides intake exhaust. are torque converters worth it and how do they work, what do they do for you? i am not planning to do any extreme mods just want to go fast i say that 55 is all i would ever want to...
  13. Twid

    Clone mods rpm? Hp?

    Removed low oil sensor and governor installed billet flywheel and con rod, dyno mod2 cam, 18lb valve springs , 22 mm mikuni carb, header and a 8.5 coil wire What rpm do you all think it will turn And how much hp will it put down?
  14. J

    11hp briggs and stratton mods

    This engine is a syncro driving a power washer. Its set up to run at 3600rpm. How do I get it to idle and how do I set you a cable operated throttle?
  15. Danny01

    212 predator mods list?

    don't want to seem lazy or anything but can you guys list all the modifications you can do to the 212, besides like nos?
  16. T

    new predator 212 hemi with mods will not start, please help

    So I bought a predator 212 hemi from HF. I removed the governor and the oil level sensor. Added a new air filter and muffler and put a new ngk spark plug in. add fuel and oil. Go to start it and I get nothing. I keep looking over it but I cant seem to find what I might be doing wrong. Any help...
  17. Not so mini bike

    Some light mods for the windber ride.

    I decided to take apart my Rupp roadster to clean to mud off and try and figure out a better carb setup so the air filter wasn't where I need my leg to be. After speaking with a couple members (thanks David and Tim.) I've decided on mikuni carb and intake with some light mods. Hopefully this...
  18. P

    Possible mods to fix this issue...

    This site and OldMiniBikes Warehouse have been helpful to me in my efforts to learn more about small engines through hands-on working with them. I have a 6.5 hp clone in my Baja Warrior and with the gov removed, it has been fun! It is fun in my opinion to work on engine mods in a toy like a mini-bike...
  19. CJdoodlebug90

    ------212cc mod questions------

    I have some questions about some mods to a non hemi that i have been thinking about. First, would porting intake and carb do any good? Second, is there a different head you can put on a non hemi to increase combustion? And third, what are your thoughts about putting a 49cc nos kit on a non...