Stellar mini?


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Yeah ed, John said he was swinging down to you after he picked it up. I wish i could have gotten it but three hours each way was a little too far for me today


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Its part of my colection now . Dose anybody have close up pics of the wheels ? I have 3 of these and no wheels thanks Eddie
The wheels did not match each other the front was a 3 piece steel wheel simalar and possibly the same as the low end powerdynes used, The rear looks really odd but it would be distinct, It appears to be cast and is a copy of a QA50 only in 6" Good chance they would be stamped victor but I am not certain on that.

Here's about the best reference photo of the wheels online 3 bolt sprocket on the other side:

Heres the steel powerdyne wheels that I am thinking may be the front one, best I can do for photos, never saved any clean shots of them from when I had cleaned them up and sold them off, but they have that same type hub like the Dixie front wheel, I just dont know if they have the 4 spoke embossing on the other side like these did (pretty sure the brake parts were Victor stamped on these IIRC)

Thanks a lot markus . Yea john called me while I was still at work wanting to unload them before he made the trip back to n.c. so I'm a sucker for broke down mini bike so I told him to drop them off . he bought them about 20 min from my job I just could not get off to go get them and another friend said he was going to buy them so i dint even try but it worked out any way thanks to john