1. Colemanman

    Springer Seat for a Coleman CT200U

    Today im finishing my springer seat build for my coleman ct200u. Im adding it to reduce the impact, jolt and harshness of potholes, sticks and small obstacles I used the pivot and springs from a 1980s era craftsman vtwin 18hp lawnmower. I cut a base plate for the seat out of sheet metal and...
  2. Outlaw Ace

    Arco EZ Rider seat shocks with seat pivot and seat to shock bracket.

    Will not separate, shocks work fine brackets in good shape. If you have a suspended Arco that has been pillaged this is what you need to correctly mount the seat. PM me for pics or Ill post em in 7 days per the rules should the items linger. $100 shipped for everything.
  3. capguncowboy

    Stellar mini?

    I know that Cheeftah and Stellar both made bikes that pivoted here, but they both pivot in the wrong place. The forks look wrong too.
  4. H

    Jackshaft / Swingarm - Shared Pivot

    Out of curiosity... has anyone got a decent design that would allow for a jackshaft and rear swingarm to share the same pivot point? I've been working to redesign the rear end of my MBX10 to include an extended swingarm and have some concern regarding chain slack as it relates to monoshock...

    rupp swing arm pivot bushing help!!

    I am in the process of cleaning up my original 69 sprint. When I removed the swing arm I noticed that the pivot bushing is froze to the swing arm. This does not seem right to me. Isn't it supposed to stay anchored in place by the end bolts so the swing arm can move up and down??? Someone please...