The Ghetto bike(rupp)

I am also doing another rupp chassis that had a rusted out seat pan...The Restore Kid was nice enough to cut out a nice seat pan that he had and shipped it to me..I wish I had of taken some pics while we were putting it on but I forgot the camera..

Here is what we started with

.Basically we cut the old seatpan down as much as possible with a sawzall..

Next my brother(who is very handy with a cutting torch) cut the old donor frame section down pretty close the seat pan..Here are the remaining peices we cut off.

Next I welded the old piece of frame rail on top of my chassis

The finished product came out very nice and solid..

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:doah: I should have sent ya the gas tank mounts and grommets too. :doah:
That would have been great kid..The ghetto bike did not come with a gas tank(at least not a rupp one) so I ordered one of those chrome gas tanks that are available for the motorized bicycles..So I guess the grommets will not be needed anyway.:wink:

The chassis that recieved the seat pan has a nice gas tank and grommets so its all good.
I haven't been posting up any pics for a while but I am still making progress..After stripping down the front fork assembly I found a nasty crack on the one tube that I had to weld up.

I decided to disassemble the wheels to strip and repaint..It was much easier this way so I am glad I did..

Got the new tank in the mail as well.

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I got some fenders off of ebay for the other rupp bike..Got a nice oem rear fender that had never been used or even painted..

Got some paint on it as well as the other frame..

Also picked up a decent driver quality fender off of ebay for the front..Chrome is not show quality but it is nice and straight and dent free.

Got some additional parts from blackwidow rupp parts.

Got the forks together and reinstalled in the frame..Got them in the ghetto bike as well which you can see behind this one..

Had to throw the seat and tank on to see how it would look back together...Have to get the tank stripped down and repainted next as I am not digging the red and green Christmas colours here. :)
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WOW that thing is looking good. :thumbsup: The seat pan looks nice too. You did a pretty great job of getting that on there.. That Sony speaker grill would make a sweet chain guard too. :shifty:
Didn't get too much done today..Just took the grinder and cleaned the flat pieces of steel(tank mounts) off of the top of the frame....Whats everyone's weapon of choice for taking off all those crusty layers of paint and rust on the frame?..I was thinking of a chemical paint remover but I know they are very messy...Wire wheel perhaps?
Also still trying to decide what to do for a gas tank..A rupp tank will fit but its very close to the air cleaner.

You can always get an air cleaner adapter and cone type air cleaner like oldyeller or take the housing off and just run the element on the base! I use the twistlock pads like 3M makes to remove paint fast! Chemical strippers work great also just get the right chem. gloves or that stuff will raw your hands badly!
Finally got more progress done on the bikes..I had a heck of a time getting the swingarm bushings removed as they were solidly seized in place..A torch and a BFH and I finally got it done..

Installed my freshly painted wheels and new tires and we got a rolling chassis again..

Next up I fitted the engine and the old fender that I repaired..

Next up is fabricating an exhaust system..I have no way to bend pipe so I am cutting and fitting whatever bends I can find...So far I can't seem to get it to work towards the back so I am thinking about going forward with it and then straight down with a small muffler inline.

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Got it pretty close to being rideable yesterday...The exhaust is surprisingly quiet for a straight pipe...I had plans of cutting the straight down section of the pipe and adding one of those screw on mufflers but I may not need one.I need to add a brace on the lower part of the pipe and bolt it to the support where the stock tank bolted to the engine..It looks a bit wierd but it is tucked in nicely away from my leg and I think it will work well..Might add some heat shields or some high temperature wrap..

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Bike is pretty much finished for now..The brakes are barely functional and it is geared way to low but it is rideable...It has crazy power and will wheelie with a flick of the throttle..

The bike has come a long way since I got it like this!

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That thing looks pretty Good. :thumbsup: But I think that I would probably burn my leg on that thing! :biggrin:
If you look at the head on picture the pipe is actually quite tucked in, in relation to the foot pegs..When your on the bike it is no where near your leg..
It has certainly come a long way from the firs picture! I like the fact you went your own way, and just freestyled it! A bike you can beat on and enjoy has a different and better value IMO than an overly pretty one! I'll end up with a mix of both because I like restored minibikes as well, I have two set aside to build as beaters and they wont look as nice as your Rupp. But I'll be able to turn anyone loose on them to thrash, and do the same myself! I like that Rupp, you did a good job building a practical rider in the minibiking spirit!:thumbsup:
Thanks guys..I can't wait to get it up to the cottage where I can actually ride it and work the bugs out of it..The only problem is with this gearing my son is gonna blow my doors off with his hot rod clone powered dirtbug. :laugh:

And as for the original seat?...It's just one of those things that you run into from time to time that defies any sort of logic whatsoever.:shrug::eek:ut: