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O.k. I posted this and offered to pick it up if anyone was interested... But since nobody jumped on it. I went and got it for myself. For less than posted obviously. Now the questions... Mag wheel on back and a steel on the front. Should it have a mag on the front or did it come with the mix? Second question. What's up with that gas tank? Has the tube shape molded into it so it was obviously made for mini bike use.Third question. The engine. Is it original? The person I got it from said he "took off the white one and put on the red one". Is the white one what would have come on this? And what else is original or aftermarket.
I studied this bike repeatedly. I wanted it but with vacation and everything else, I just couldn't do it let alone get it here.
My take is he must have had more that one GA bike. The throttle and dummy are correct, but black while the bike has white footpeg covers and seat. Same with the wheels. Rear looks unmolested but the front is the correct style steel. Engine should be the original yet it seems to have more wear than this frame so I'm wondering if it could be off the other bike of there was one? If you decide to sell it, keep me in mind? I'm not sure how I'd get it but I'll give it a shot![emoji12]

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Is that a gx200 on it ??? I saw this bike a while ago too ...if you are selling that 200 separate i would be
I wish I could upload pics to my album. But..... So unfortunately the walk around video was much easier to do. In fact much easier than uploading any pics. It would be a shame to not have the pics on the site but Going forward it may just be easier to do it this way and link them. I haven't even checked to see if the photo section was still down.

P.S. There are 2 people in line for the bike so far via pm's
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I will be swapping the red motor for the white motor this weekend and taking off the green tank. I know the white motor spins but I'm not going to bother trying to get it running without a tank... I need to find a 15-20hp motor for my trike or possibly find another trike. So this Trailhorse will be part of that equation...
Got the motor swapped. Fired it up and took it for a spin. Only one little crack on one side of the fender as pictured. Motor mount looks good not hacked. Left the odd green tank on it. Tag says its a model CMGTO110. I am only assuming the CM is for custom. Will be a good bike for someone... Not me... Too small. But it was good to see something this old still in good shape. I know I'm
4 people have shown interest in this. I need a race engine for my trike. Whatcha got or maybe you can work something out with Trinik Tim so he can build me a big block..... Let the games