1. RossRupp

    Mini Bike Lot for Sale in NY - Check it out!

    Hey Folks, up for sale is a mini bike lot with some vintage frames, engines and parts. I have included a few pocket bike frames as parts to make space but trying to sell everything as a whole. For reference, I am located in Plainview 11803 and I crossposted this to Facebook and Craigslist. I...
  2. gwoods27

    TrailHorse clutch brake wanted

    Looking for this “TrailHorse” clutch brake See attached pic
  3. CW1999

    WANTED Trailhorse or Trailblazer frame

    Hey all, I'm in search of a General Appliance built (Trailhorse, Trailblazer, etc.) frame, preferably with rear suspension. I bought a frame this week, and while the forks are great, the frame is not so great! Thanks :scooter:
  4. gwoods27

    WTB Trail Horse full suspension frame

    Looking for a Trail Horse full suspension roller or full minibike.
  5. B

    WTB suspension Trailhorse frame

    Figured I'd see if any one out there has a suspension Trailhorse frame..I have 2 non suspension frame I was going to try and convert
  6. B

    Wtb Trailhorse jackshaft plates

    I'm looking for a set for jackshaft plates if anyone has a spare set. Thanks
  7. gammatg

    Old Trailhorse left for dead

    I picked up this pretty crusty 69 Trailhorse gto 110 last week. I saw potential in it. I brought it home and gave it some love. Everything was pretty much seized up except the original h25 motor. The kickstand, foot pegs and wheels all needed some soaking. Everything works great now including...
  8. G

    trailhorse chain guard

    can someone give me length & width of a trail horse chain guard? gonna make one out of metal! thanks in advance Mick...
  9. B

    Trailhorse GTO1200 find:)

    I finally was able to make a deal on this really nice survivor Trailhorse gto1200. Bike is all original as far as I can tell. Just needs a little tlc, 69 hs40 runs great and has tons of compression. Now I just need to find a clutch guard.
  10. diggers

    Suspended Trailhorse Roller For Sale....

    I'm just throwing this out there to see if there's any interest in it I usually don't sell anything just ask anybody:laugh:. Here is a trailhorse roller for sale. I've had this for 2yrs now and never done anything with it and it deserves to get finished and enjoyed. It's been sitting in the barn...
  11. Jamie1972

    1970 TrailHorse GTO 1200 Survivor for sale

    This was listed on eBay a little while back. and he wants 700.00 Period. Beautiful Survivor and you don't see to many full suspension TrailHorse in this condition. It's located in New Haven, CT area.
  12. Daniel Coop

    Need help with wheel choices and sprocket count for Trailhorse GT800

    I need help deciding what 6" wheel and sprocket count I should use for upsizing from my 4" steelies. I'm considering the Astro's but don't know how wide I should go and weather I should use a 60t sprocket or a 72. The original jackshaft is still on the bike and it's got a Raptor 3 with a 16t...
  13. Jamie1972

    @@ trailhorse throttle and dumby grip@@

    If there is enough interest...I will be starting on Reproduction Trailhorse Throttle and Dumby grip this Winter..... Black and white ones... Anybody have any need for these?
  14. R

    Barn find complete trailhorse -nice find

    TOO Far for me but nice find Trail Horse Mini Bike RARE Find | eBay
  15. nds1968


    Can you guys tell me the make and model? This is the only pic, Thanks, Nate

    Like to find one Trailhorse Mag for the front, no sprocket needed

    Thinking about putting one on the front of my Mystery Chopper
  17. gumpit

    Trailhorse questions

    O.k. I posted this and offered to pick it up if anyone was interested... But since nobody jumped on it. I went and got it for myself. For less than posted obviously. Now the questions... Mag wheel on back and a steel on the front. Should it have a mag on the front or did it come with the mix...
  18. F

    Anyone Fit a #40/41 sprocket on a Asuza Astro??

    So I'm trying to fit a 40/41 sprocket (40 Teeth preferably) on a Astro wheel .. Currently i have a trail horse hub but I'm unable to find a sprocket for its size -.-" Welcoming Any advise
  19. derekbmn

    **~ Trailhorse Parts Wanted~** L@@k

    Looking for the following parts for a GTO100 Set of original 4" Steel Wheels....original white paint in good condition would be GREAT !!! Original Clutch Band Brake Setup.... ANNNNNND an original Clutchguard :blink: Please PM me. Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
  20. capguncowboy

    Just picked up a nice Survivor Trailhorse frame, now I have questions

    I just picked this up tonight. I had to squeeze it in last minute before I took off for Windber. ID Plate says it's a GTO 100. It has the original kickstand (I think it's original). Seat appears to be original as well. What wheels would this have had? Steel? What engine? It's missing one of...