Trike Hoarder

Well guys im still around. It has been months since I have been on here at all. I guess the main reason is I kinda got burned out with all the crap stack of projects I have put on my plate... Everyone that knows me on here knows I was more of a buyer/hoarder than anything.. It ended up getting me in some trouble with the ole lady at home. It was never money that shouldn't of been spent somewhere more important. She plain and simple said she was tired of all my shit! (TOYS) There is more to the story than that but we wont go there.. Needless to say, she went grazing in the pasture and that greener grass is brown already.. I haven't got much of my big toys moved since oct 6th but slowing working on it and trying to go from 3 stall garage that was full to a 1 1/2 stall. Some trikes have been parted out to my own collection (23 to 15 or so) and some will be hitting CL come summer time. Its sad but I need to liquidate some assets. I got 5 4wheelers that come first and its what I live for (other than my 2 girls 6 and 3) when the sand is hott and dry.. If there is something you know I had and want it just let me know. I will be back to chat a bit now that I got some free time but wont be like beforw when I lived on here. Feel free to pm me if tou want.

Thanks for reading my rant! Haha

Kellen "HoarderVille"