1. Oldschoolcool

    What did I find this time?

  2. M

    It's about the first time......riding a mini bike.

    I think the reason we are here is the passion. We saw others ride and we wanted to so bad. And when we got a chance we never forgot that feeling. We all had some of our best times on mini bikes. Good clean (some times dirty) honest fun. I'm 54 yrs old and I am still in love with mini bikes...
  3. jayvansickle

    Time for chain and clutch

    I am building a Doodle Bug 6.5 Predator mini. What length #35 chain will I need? 12 tooth clutch recommendation? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. BWL

    JB Weld piston: Dumbest idea of all time?


    Power junkies that have time and money

  6. S

    Hello from England. Long time listener, first time caller

    Hello everyone. Im Joe and i live in England. Been watching this forum for a while now and this is my first time posting! I love american style mini bikes, so i have aquired 3 briggs engines that im now going to use to build a mini bike amd a go kart. Im currently in the process of...
  7. smudvapor

    Needle in a haystack time!

    Hey guys. I am looking for a front wheel for a SideKick mini bike. Mine is rusted so bad that I fear it is non-repairable. Thanks.
  8. S

    Long time lurker, first time poster

    I have an old Baja that I've been slowly modifying. It's been a fun project. The original gas tank started leaking, so I got one of those cheap peanut tanks for bicycle conversions off of ebay, which works much better. I also slapped on an exhaust from hotrodminibikes. This weekend, I'm...
  9. atg8s

    Twisted metal member since 2013.. first time enter build off...

    First time entering. Build off have 2 entry.....This alt to be fun
  10. bikesisbikes

    It's been a long time

    It's been a long time since I have been in here. I got hung up on the mini project 5 or 6 years ago and let it die. Now I'm bac with the intent of getting it done and using it with my 48 Ford F1 pickup as part of the show display. But, the same problems still exist. I have a Trail Horse...
  11. T

    1st Time Builder Questions

    I ordered the Azusa Kit with 8' wheels I'm building the bike for my 11 year old son. It comes with a 72 tooth rear sprocket and I'm wondering about different engine combos. Any info on gear ratio, torque converter and or jack shaft with the 8' tire would be great. Im just trying to...
  12. steven Durham

    I did it up this time

    I fell down in the kitchen and landed on my left shoulder and had to call 911 to get me up off the floor and the pain was uncharitable. after the ambulance left I went into shock and my house mate covered me up and raised the heat in the room. No sleep that night and the VA is 120 miles away and...
  13. F

    MiniBike Newbie - advice on first time build plans

    . Hi all - Congratulations on a great site you have here - I've just joined as a member and am really looking forward to contributing in some small way....... Some advice for a newbie if you will please.... Im looking for advice on plans to use for a first time build - I'm new to MiniBikes...
  14. BBQJOE

    This one time, today, in the desert...

    The day held promise of a fine afternoon ride. I fueled up my new two gallon tank and prepared for a trip to who knows where. I also loaded up the crate with a bunch of huge psychotic zombie squash, thinking that whomever I might come across was not getting away from me without unburdening...
  15. steven Durham

    Storey telling Time

    Again back to the days of D&D Mini Cycle about 1972. I And Danny were in the shop and in drives a 1959 Ford sedan and we waited inside the show room and in comes a man in a wheel chair he was about 50 years old and he had NO legs at all and we asked him what he wanted and he looked around the...
  16. V

    Lomart cheeftah 225 at one time.

    Cheeftah 225 roller, nothings original but the frame and forks. Predator or tecumseh engine fits this frame had both on it in the duel set of mounting slots.125 dollars located in edison nj 08820 pickup only .
  17. ludicrous speed

    honda 8hp motor low run time

    honda 8hp low run time. 1 inch shaft,ran great,is nearly brand new. was bought brand new by friend who never used it,engine sat for long time bottom of recoil shroud has rust. will post pic. i bought it off him,went thru the entire motor/carb,had it running perfectly and then traded it to...
  18. buckeye

    Long time members back

    Seems to be some familiar long term members who disappeared, reappearing. Good to see that!! Miss some of the old members. Especially TRK!! That dude was one of the funniest, most knowledgeable folks around. Sure wish he would reappear. Maybe the helicopters got him.:laugh:
  19. YOOP

    Time to ride

    Been quite some time since we really rode any mini's.Dusted off a couple and rode the crap outta them this weekend. Both have been sitting for well off a year or two.Thought for sure i'd have to mess with the Tec to get it running good but ran like a top.Burned up quite a few tanks of gas with...
  20. massacre

    Time To Start Thinking About The Italian Bike. Or is it?

    I bought this bike from Harley's Papa, who was nice enough to bring it back to CT for me from Iron Honky. I need to build a motocross style minibike but after building my drag bike, money is not at a premium. So I already have this roller, it has big wheels/tires on it and front and rear drum...