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ok guys I pickup this vintage clutch away back and now I am going to use it on a 3hp Tecumseh for a unrestored bananza bc 1100 bike. at first I thought it was just a mercury clutch and after further inspection it's not. letters stamp on it say ALLSTATE.
looks just like a mercury from the front?

letters and stamping is just like a mercury too.

when you flip it around that's where it's little different on how it holds the shoes. the shoes and spring are the same. just that the allstate uses a full plate to hold them into position and the mercury uses theses little ears/clips hold the shoes in place.

either way I thought it would be interesting to post this clutch. has anybody seen one before? can't seem to find much info on it? I am wondering if this was a sears clutch,because of the name allstate on it? and mercury just made the part for them?
If I recall correctly, these clutches were made by Mercury, but I can't remember the details. I do know that I've had Mercury clutches with that plate on the back


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yes they were sears sold, Just like everything else, they wanted their name brand on it. That is a typical mercury clutch design, its from the 60's. There was a guy looking on here for one of those versions (mercury stamped) for a Lil indian resto, since its a visible part on the 1967/68 bike he was doing, I dunno if he found one or not.

Sorry, best image I have on file, its from a 1967 fall/winter catalog

well I decided to go little father with this vintage clutch. I notes the bushing had some slop in it and had some concerns how well it would work or even last?
I only experience using one of this in the past and that was a mercury clutch on my kids snowco 3 wheeler and has been working very well for the last couple years. locks up good and push's the 3 wheeler and the kid with no problems.

first thing I did was push out the old bushing.

wet ahead and clean up the shaft the bearing rides on. this way I can machine out the new bushing to the shaft. keeping the clearance much closer and less slop.

turn the outside bushing down.

fits good...:thumbsup:

now I can chuck up the whole thing and face off the extra material.

got to flip the back side too and face off little material.

spins nice now and ready to go on my 3hp Tecumseh for my bonanza bc1100......:thumbsup: