Vintage Kart help??

45 years ago my father came home with a go kart sticking out of the trunk of his car. I would love to figure out what, and who manufactured it. From memory it had 2 Homelite 2 cycle motors. The kart was all Aqua blue the same color as the Homelite motors and chain saws back then. It had a chrome 1/2 round steel gas tank mounted on the back of the seat upright "typical" The steering wheel was also half round with the round portion on top. It had 2 band brakes on the rear axle. The seat cushion was missing and the floor pan had Competition Trophy Cart lettered on it. I also remember it had one frame support that went from the top of the frame "headrest area" to the center of the Karts rear bumper. The tires were all slicks with the rear tires much larger that the front in diameter.
If I can possibly figure out what this was I will search for another. Some of the best times in my life were me and Dad playing with this thing. I was the fastest kid on the block, noisiest too..
Please: Any ideas????? Probably made mid to late 60's
Here's a place you might be able to find a answer Very extensive photo gallery. I too HAVE one that sounds similar in design to what you are explaining. I've yet to find a photo of mine : ( Maybe I'll post a pic on here to help name it.
Thanks we4amigos and pindrive. I must have looked at 100 karts and nothing looks familiar. Wish I had a photo but it was a long time ago..Walt